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Boating Safety...Know Your Boats Limits

Wednesday, December 30, 2009 12/30 - A few articles of interest:

Personally, I have fished the Mayport Jetties in everything from a 14' Aluma-Craft to a 17' Carolina Skiff, to my now 26' welded Plate Alloy center console. And through the years I have learned. You certainly can't have it all, in one boat.

I see lots of "TOO" small of boats at the inlet, myself. And when I owned the 17' Skiff, I also had at that time 2 other larger boats to choose from for a day of fishing. The little skiff boat, was my inshore creek boat. Not my "do all" boat, that's for sure.

The Jettywolf, my 26' plate alloy boat was literally designed for "jetty fishing" in mind. Period!!

Mayport jetties

I don't ask it to be my creek boat, or a flats-casting platform. That kind of fishing, isn't my "gig" anyhow. It's a big water craft, with lots of safety built into it's design.

small boat washed ashore

But as you'll read here:
Boaters Nightmare Escaping With There Lives
It's not unusual, for people to "squeeze" many fishing tasks out of their small boats. I have customers on my boat during a day of jetty fishing always say to me, "Damn, that's a small boat to be out here today, isn't it Dave?"

What happened to these boaters, isn't unusual. It'll happen several times a year. The last time that I heard of a small boat go down at the jetties, two people were rescued, while one remained missing.

And think about this for a minute....."alot of beer, and other impairments make there way on to boats every weekend. As important as rods, reels and bait, for the day." Add in just one periless situation, a 12 pak, or "other impairment", and some strong current, or cold water, and what do ya have? A near death situation. Doesn't sound worth it to me. That's why I do not waiver on my policies concerning the malted brewed beverages.

I don't need more to deal with, thank you.

Captain Dave Sipler's Sport Fishing

Keys Sailfish Season In Full Swing

Sunday, December 27, 2009
Hot and heavy Sailfish action!

As you all might imagine, Sailfish season is in full swing now, out on the offshore waters of the Florida Keys.


Capt. Easy, Bruce Anderson, had another successful fishing session recently, putting his satisfied clients, Chris and Duke Harmon on some beautiful Sailfish specimens. The Harmon brothers caught and released the pictured sailfish with the help of first mate John. Bruce and John are one of the top fishing crews in the Islamorada area, although I can truly say that all the fishing crews on the Holiday Isle dock are first rate!


Sadly, I must report that this will be this angler's last fishing report at Holiday Isle, as I will be heading off to new fishing grounds. I must say, that I have a new found appreciation and respect for the work charter boat captains and mates do on a daily basis. This is a hard working bunch that puts in long hours out at sea and at the dock, working both on their fishing craft and on their fishing boats! Although these men work doing what they love, this is definitely not a 9 to 5 job. More like a 5 to 5 job, and 7 days a week!

So, if you're coming to the Keys for a little fishing action, please call one of the Captains of Holiday Isle Resort and Marina at 305 664 2321 x642. You won't find a better crew anywhere else in the Keys. To all the Captains here, Ernie wishes you continued tight lines and bent rods! Adios.

Nikki Holiday Isle Offshore 800-327-7070 Etc 642

Holiday Isle Resort and Marina
84001 Overseas Highway
Islamorada, FL 33036
305-664-2321 ext. 642
Direct: 305-433-9942

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Catching Grouper In Sarasota Bay

December 25, 2009

Sarasota Florida Fishing Report
By Capt. Bob Smith

Pompano are getting thicker on the Stephen's Point grass-flats just a little
south and off of the Ringling home. Although the fishing has been improving
throughout December, we had a slow start Wednesday afternoon. Due to the
wind, I opted to fish the east side of the bay for a slower drift and less
chop. We fished with live shrimp on and around the Stephen's Point
grass-flats for two hours and hardly lost any bait. Then the wind slowed
just a little and the fish started to chew. Pompano, large Spanish
mackerel, 3 to 4 pound bluefish and some nice seatrout made our afternoon.
We also caught some large ladyfish in the mix. I am sure that my D.O.A. and
Silly Willy jigs would have worked just as well as the live shrimp but I
didn't want to take the time to re-rig or change our luck.

Earlier in the week I found a large school of Spanish mackerel just outside
of New Pass by the small red and green markers. The birds were diving and
the fish were boiling as they fed on the schools of baitfish. The macks
were mostly small but keeper size. We did well with Silly Willy jigs,
especially when we tipped them with a small belly strip from the mackerel we
kept. Of course live bait was also working. Over the past few weeks, some
the biggest mackerel we caught were in Big Pass, some almost 30" long.

There have been reports of some keeper size gag grouper being caught on the
bay. I have not targeted them myself lately but I plan to do so soon. My
favorite bait for them is fresh caught pinfish, not over night baits from
the bait shop. Pinfish will almost always dive to the bottom, so no lead is
needed. Most of the water depths you may fish on the bay are only 10 to 20
feet deep. When a pinfish dances on top of the water it is a good sign of
predators below. If it is grouper below, you will see your bait simply
disappear under the surface, not a surface blast like a bass would do. If
your bait disappears, don't wait more then a few seconds and start cranking
like mad until you feel the weight of the fish. Then set the hook hard and
keep the fish moving away from the structure. I never like to fish over the
structure on the bay. I cast to it so that I don't run off the larger fish.
I may mark a structure by dropping a marker to the side or behind it, out of
my way but still giving me a reference point for casting. To have any
consistency at bringing keeper size grouper to the boat, you need to use at
least 20lb test line, 60lb test mono leader, stout 4/0 to 6/0 hook and lock
down your drag. With grouper, you don't have the option to let them run.
Remember, this is for large bay grouper and not deep water offshore grouper.
This is a good starter method but not the only method for grouper on the

Enjoy & Protect

Thank you!

Capt. Bob Smith
Phone: (941) 366-2159 Cell: (941) 350-8583.
My Website:

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sarasota Fishing report 12-25-09

Capt. Rick Grassett’s Fishing Report for 12/12 through 12/25/2009

Merry Christmas! Anglers fishing with me on the Snook Fin-Addict, out of CB’s Saltwater Outfitters on Siesta Key, caught and released snook, redfish, Spanish mackerel, blues, flounder, pompano, trout and ladyfish on flies and jigs the past couple of weeks. We’ve been catching some of the biggest blues (up to 5-pounds) that I’ve seen in years. The best action continues to be on deep grass flats along the east side of Sarasota Bay from Stephens Point to Long Bar.

Bob Harness, from St. Louis, MO, fished Sarasota Bay with me on Monday. He caught and released several trout, Spanish mackerel and blues on Ultra Hair Clouser flies fished on an intermediate sink tip fly line. Great fun on 6 and 7-weight rods! CB’s Saltwater Outfitters manager, Doug Forde, and outdoor writer, David Brown from Tampa, FL, fished Sarasota Bay with me on Tuesday. With a negative low tide, we focused on potholes and sand bar edges for most of the morning. Doug caught and released a mid 20” snook and we caught numerous trout including several in the 18”-20” class on CAL jigs with shad tails. In the afternoon, we had decent action with Spanish mackerel, blues and pompano on Ultra Hair Clouser flies and CAL jigs with shad tails on deep grass flats.

Norm and Francie Boardman, from Sarasota, FL, fished Sarasota Bay with me on Thursday. With a strong front approaching, I thought fish would be feeding heavily, but they weren’t. It was slow, but they caught several trout, ladyfish, bluefish and a Spanish mackerel on Ultra Hair Clouser flies and CAL jigs with shad tails.

A front pushed through over the weekend causing cool, windy conditions for a few days. On Monday morning it was 45 degrees with a brisk north wind, but by afternoon conditions were better. Eric Everett and his wife, Julie, from VA, and brother-in-law, Antone, from Ireland, fished Sarasota Bay with me on Monday afternoon. They caught and released several trout and bluefish on CAL jigs with shad tails on the east side of the bay. Rob Thompson and his dad, Jeff, from the Baltimore area, fished Sarasota Bay with me on Tuesday morning. They had fast action with blues, trout and Spanish mackerel on Ultra Hair Clouser flies and CAL jigs with shad tails at the Middleground flat. John Shoup and his friend Mark, from the Detroit, MI area fished with me in the afternoon. The action slowed, but they managed several trout, ladyfish and a nice pompano on flies near Stephens Point.

John and Susan Weiss, from GA, fished the same areas with me on Wednesday. We found the action slower, but John managed a few blues and Spanish mackerel on CAL jigs with shad tails. Scott and Scottie Heidler, from Hudson, OH, fished Sarasota Bay with me on Christmas Eve day. The morning was slow, but they finished strong. They caught trout to 18”, blues to 4 ½-pounds, Spanish mackerel, flounder and a nice red on CAL jigs with shad tails along the east side of the bay.

Sadly, I learned that a longtime close friend and customer, Pat Campbell from Toronto, OH, passed away at the age of 84 on Dec. 10th. You may have seen Pat’s name in my fishing reports over the years. He was a left-handed fly angler who often shared the boat with other customers and was one of my first fly customers. In addition to fishing with me in Sarasota, Pat traveled with my groups to destinations in the Bahamas and Montana. He caught everything with me over the years from snook, reds, trout and tarpon in Florida, bonefish in the Bahamas and brown and rainbow trout in Montana. He particularly enjoyed fly fishing for snook at night. According to his wife, Patricia, “he was never happier than when he was fishing”. This is obvious in the attached photo of Pat on his last fishing trip with me on April 30th. He will be missed.

Tides will improve as we head towards a full moon next week. Action may be better later in the day if it is cold in the morning. I’d like to thank all of you who have fished with me this year and over the years. Hope everyone has a happy and prosperous New Year!

Tight Lines,

Capt. Rick Grassett Snook Fin-Addict Guide Service, Inc. FFF Certified Fly Casting Instructor (941) 923-7799 E-mail and

Bob Harness, from St. Louis, MO, caught and released this Spanish mackerel on an Ultra Hair Clouser fly on a 6-wt fly rod while fishing Sarasota Bay with Capt. Rick Grassett.

John Shoup, from MI, caught and released this nice pompano on a Clouser fly while fishing Sarasota Bay with Capt. Rick Grassett.

Eric and Julie Everett, from VA, and brother-in-law, Antone from Ireland, waith a Sarasota Bay bluefish double caught and released on a CAL jig with a shad tail while fishing with Capt. Rick Grassett.

Scottie Heidler, from Hudson, OH, with a nice Sarasota Bay trout caught and released while fishing with his dad and Capt. Rick Grassett.

Scott Heidler, from Hudson, OH, caught and released this red in a pothole on a CAL jig with a shad tail while fishing Sarasota Bay with Capt. Rick Grassett.

William "Pat" Campbell

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tailing Redfish

Heavy rains the latter part of this week has kept most anglers off the water. Prior to
the arrival of the storms, however, the fishing was good for tailing redfish on the
shallow flats of Mosquito Lagoon. Georgia angler Ty, and his son Nick, used a 1/4
ounce DOA shrimp to land several redfish.

young man with redfish

man with redfish

The seatrout were also cooperative and both father and son landed numerous fish on
three inch DOA CAL tails.

Last week, my wife and I got to spend the day on Mosquito Lagoon. Heavy cloud cover
made the sight fishing tough but we both caught redfish on DOA shrimp and 5.5 inch
CAL tails.

woman with redfish


Early this week, I made two trips to Mosquito Lagoon. On Monday, I was joined by my
friend Capt. Keith. Using 5 and 7 weight fly rods, we caught redfish on three different
crab/shrimp patterns and missed several more bites. With the water level still quite
high, we spent the rest of the day exploring some backwater bays. We encountered
only a few big trout but had steady shots at some finicky redfish landing several more
before the day was done.

The following day, Matt and Elmo joined me on their first attempt at sight fishing in
Mosquito Lagoon. The redfish were happy and tailing for the first few hours of the day.
When the clouds rolled in, the sight fishing became difficult and we switched our
attention to trout along the edges of the flats. Using the DOA Deadly Combo as well as
a three inch CAL tail, my ARC Dehooker got plenty of work releasing a bunch of trout.

The weather will begin to improve tomorrow and with it should come some good
fishing. Small baits are the key to fooling the tailing reds which is why fly anglers will do
well. Size 4 flies in black, olive, and tan have all been producing bites.

Capt. Chris Myers
Central Florida Sight Fishing Charters

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tarpon Springs Fishing Report 12/09

Welcoming Winter
Capt. Brian's Fishing Report

man and sea trout

Hey Friends! Ready for the holiday season yet? Why not buy your loved one a Gift Certificate from Capt. Brian? I've been sending them out for a couple weeks now and we still have time! They make a great stocking stuffer. If you are up North, I hope you are staying warm. Come on down and have some fun fishing with me, just leave that cold weather behind. Here is what is happening on the water...
This time of year always brings us some cold fronts. Not all bad as they push in the bigger Trout and also bring in larger Grouper closer to shore. Presentations must be slowed down as the fish tend to be a little lethargic, especially in the morning hours. The spoil islands around my area are starting to hold those big Trout. Select sized Shrimp, Sardines (if you can find them) and jigs are all working for the Trout. Your favorite plastic jerkworm on a 1/8 ounce jighead is perfect. The Shrimp can be floated a few feet under a cork and produce great results on the big Trout. Tidal flow is the key to catching a bunch so plan around the tides. Also, the warmer afternoons can be good if the early part of the day is real cold. Trout will be the focus of many anglers, especially in a couple of weeks when the season opens for keeping them on January 1st.
Redfish are staging up around a few docks but have been pretty scarce for the most part. They will settle in soon. We always seem to have them through the winter so I am sure they will move back in and eat the Shrimp pitched around the oyster bars and docks along the seawalls. Gulp Shrimp are a great artificial bait to use in the winter. The Reds love them and the Pinfish can't tear them up too badly.
Grouper are moving into the 20 foot range. Certain rock piles are holding good numbers of fish. Cut Pinfish and Grunts are a great bait but the Shrimp and Sardines will get a hit too. The Mangrove Snapper are also on most of these rocks so dropping a rig with smaller tackle is always a good idea. I like to use light mainline, 15 - 20 lb test with 30 lb leader and a 1/0 hook for the Snapper.
We will certainly hook a variety of inshore fish while targeting Trout and Reds. Ladyfish Bluefish and Mackerel are the usual suspects. Great fun for the kids or anyone looking to fight some fish! I am ready to go so call now or e-mail me and let's get you down for a fun filled day during the Holiday hustle and bustle! 727-365-7560 or Don't forget those Gift Certificates! Let's go fishing!

Capt. Brian

Capt. Brian Caudill

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Indian River Lagoon Fishing Report 12-09

Mosquito Creek Outdoors Indian River Lagoon Coast Fishing
December 18, 2009
By Captain Tom Van Horn

Up Coming Seminars and Events
On December 22, 2009 Captain Ron Presley author of "Secrets of Florida's Master Anglers" will be available to autograph books from 10 am - 5 pm at Mosquito Creek Outdoors in Apopka Florida. The Secrets of Florida's Master Anglers is an excellent book for anglers of all skill levels, and it would make a great holiday girt for those anglers close to your heart. For more details and directions to Mosquito Creek Outdoors, visit their website at

Holiday Gift Certificates Special;
Book a fishing charter in advance by purchasing a holiday gift certificate at the special rate of 375.00 for a full day of fishing for two anglers. The certificate is good for one year from the date of purchase and makes a great Christmas present for those close to your heart. There's no better time than time spent on the water together stretching line. Call me at 407-416-1187 or send me an e-mail at to purchase one today.

First and foremost, let me wish each and every one of you a happy and joyful holiday season, with a special thanks to all of you who fished with me over the years. Although this year has been a tough for the fishing charter business, I'm truly blessed to have a job that provides me the opportunity to spend time out on the water doing what I truly love to do, fish. It is also extremely rewarding to see and meet past clients at events and on the water who are willing to share their passion for the resources and the sport.

This last week on the 12th of December we conducted our first Conservation Angler Certification class at Mosquito Creek Outdoors. The class was endorsed by Angler's for Conservation, and although it was the holiday season, we still had good attendance and a quality program and we certified our first 27 anglers who signed a pledge to practice both conservation and good ethics while enjoying the sport of recreational angling.

As always the case in Florida, December can be a challenging time of year to fish our coastal waters. For a good part of the week, windy and cloudy conditions made angling difficult, but for a short window of three days, the winds settled down and the fog rolled in. For those who fished during those calm conditions, fishing was great. One guide friend I fished with on Wensday made the statement that his only wish was fishing was always that good on the Mosquito Lagoon. I heard similar reports from anglers on both the Indian River Lagoon and the Banana River No-Motor Zone. Anglers reported tailing redfish and black drum from all areas, so you know the fish are there. The best results came from casting unweighted jerk baits like the DOA CAL in the darker shades.

Again, the weather has turned for the worst with the arrival of out latest cold front, so I would suggest finishing your Holiday shopping tomorrow and look for your better weather days around Monday or Tuesday.

As always, if you need information or have any questions, please contact me.

Good luck and good fishing and happy holidays,

Captain Tom Van Horn
407-416-1187 on the water
407-366-8085 land line


Friday, December 18, 2009

Panhandle Fishing Report 12-14-09

Report for 12/14/2009

Salt Water

If you pick your days carefully and the weather gods allow, reports still have the grouper hitting at the 120’ mark. Big cuts of Bonita and butter flied whole northern mackerel were working well on 80lb fluorocarbon with 10/0 size circle hooks on a Carolina rig. Jigging will also bring in the fish, using either Shimano butterfly jigs or the braid slammer jig.

No change here, the best spots for trout is increasingly the intercoastal canal. Anglers are using live shrimp on a 3/8 oz jig head and having good success. The late afternoon in the PSJ Marina is a great second choice if you are bound to the shore. St Joseph Bay is still producing trout in good numbers, but the big news is the larger redfish are biting well in nearly all of the deeper holes and channels. The whiting continue to be the fish you can count on in the surf with the best numbers being caught off Crooked Island and Mexico Beach.

The Flounder numbers remain good over the inshore wrecks. Use live bull minnows, shrimp or pilchards on a Carolina rig and target the edges of the wrecks. Redfish are starting to move offshore, some are being caught along the beach and in the pass. Amberjack are closed in Federal waters Oct. 24 through the end of the year, state waters are still open, and remember the new 30 inch length limit. Grouper are being found well offshore from 20 plus miles out, best bet is to use large live baits.

The White Trout bite is still very good. They can be found in deep water under the Hathaway and Tyndall Bridges. Use live shrimp on a Carolina rig for best results. The Redfish action is heating up on the flats in East and West Bays. Slowly and quietly drift the flats in 3 feet or less water using a ½ ounce Gold Spoon or your favorite Top-water Plug. The Bull Reds are still being caught with live shrimp and pinfish around the jetties. Speckled Trout are starting to move into the Intracoastal Waterway, creeks and bayous. Use live shrimp fished on the bottom for best results.

boys with pompano

boy and dad with pompano


The Pompano are still in the surf. There have been some reports of a few good fish being caught. Best baits remain live or frozen sand fleas and live and frozen shrimp. Pompano jigs will catch them too. The Bonito are in the surf as well. Any bright colored lure worked fast will catch them. As the water continues to cool the Spanish Mackerel and Skipjack will start to move south. There are still a fair amount of Bluefish to be caught. Bright spoons, Gotcha plugs, Straw Rigs, Top Water and regular plugs will catch them. Live and frozen Shrimp is always a good bait choice. Redfish have showed up on the beach. Some will be slot size fish but for the most part they will be over the slot. Live, frozen and cut baits, especially cut mullet will catch them. There have been reports of the occasional Flounder being caught, some will be some nice fish over five pounds. Best baits are Tiger, Bull minnows and live finger Mullet. Don’t forget about the Whiting. The bull Whiting can get up to two pounds and make great table fare. Try peeling your shrimp when fishing for the Whiting. There have been some reports of some Sheepshead being caught; most have been caught on sand fleas, fiddler crabs and shrimp.

Trout have started to migrate up the rivers and into the bayous, but there are some still on the grass flats. You can catch your biggest Trout early and late in the day on top water baits and on live baits in the bayous and bayou channels. Live Shrimp and Mullet are the best baits to use this time of year to catch these Trout. Try fishing the deeper holes and bends in the rivers as the water gets colder. Redfish will remain in the sound and bays a little longer. Redfish can be caught on the same live baits and artificial lures will take their share of fish. Work all visible and underwater structure to increase your chances at hooking up with a red. Flounder and Sheepshead can all be caught in the bay this time of year. Finger Mullet, Bull Minnows and Tiger Minnows are hard to beat for the Flounder and Sheepshead can’t resist a small fiddler crab or live shrimp. Tie on a 12” piece of 12# to 20# fluorocarbon leader, a #1 hook, ¼ to ½oz sinker and a live shrimp or live Fiddler crab. This rig is a Sheepshead killer, always use as light as weight as possible with this rig. The upper part of east Bay has been good for Redfish and Trout. Try fishing around the power lines and the surrounding oyster bars.

There have been some reports of the Flounder on the near shore wrecks within one or two miles of the beach. Live finger Mullet, Tiger Minnows and Bull Minnows are great baits to use. The big Redfish are in the pass. Jigs, cut bait and live bait all take these fish. You may encounter a slot Red while fishing, but be sure to put the big ones back. This is a good time of year to look for the big schools of Redfish to be on top in the pass, just outside the pass and within one or two miles of the beach. Try looking for birds working the schools. Throw top water baits for some great action or a large spoon or jig. For the fly rod enthusiasts this is prime time. Any pattern that imitates a large baitfish will serve you well. Live baits will catch them to.

The bottom fishing for Amberjack and Grouper remains very good. Live bait and frozen bait will work on the Grouper. Jigging with a Butterfly jig or fishing with live Hardtails remains a good tactic to catch the Amberjack. I have had some good reports of Yellowfin and Blackfin Tuna being caught around the offshore oil platforms. Jigging, chumming and trolling are all effective in taking these fish

Fresh Water
The stripers and hybrid bass are active in the intercoastal, and can be caught using silver grubs on a ¼ ox jig head, live shrimp on a jig head, or a rattletrap. Look for these fish on an incoming tide behind structure. A strong current is best for these fighters. Note: Striper and hybrid have not been very active in the recent past. It is my understanding that officials no longer stock these fish. However, this is the report as I received it.

Half Hitch Tackle
2206 Thomas Dr
Panama City, FL 32408

Fishing Report prepared by Half Hitch Tackle Staff.

The Captains Corner Fishing Report is provided by local charter captains and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Half Hitch Tackle.

This report is dedicated to the memory of Al Hubbard.
Al Hubbard was a field editor for Florida Sportsman magazine, an outdoor writer for the News Herald and a board member of the Florida Outdoor Writer's Association.
Mr. Hubbard was also the owner of Al's Outdoors Outfitting Services.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Red Hot Nature Coast Fishing

Red Hot Fishing Report!!!!
Report Date: December 6, 2009

man with redfish

Pat was all smiles after he was able to put his hands on this 27

Winter finally has settled in here along the Nature Coast of Crystal River and Homosassa. With temperatures hovering around a bone chilling 69 degrees life is tough here in the sunshine state. Please don’t let me sarcasm fool you, our winter months are refreshing after a fairly warm summer and we always look forward to the cool down each year. So what exactly does the cooler weather mean for the fishing?

Inshore anglers can expect shorter runs, bigger schools of fish, and extremely hungry fish. Huge schools of Redfish, Black Drum, Speckled Trout, Jack Crevalle, and LadyFish will all be extremely prevalent on the flats, in the backcountry holes and in most of our local rivers. All of these species are being targeted right now and it’s not uncommon to catch all of these species while fishing a particular area. Most of these fish are feeding heavily in anticipation for the winter so they tend to be quite large and in charge for the time of year. We are targeting these fish with spin gear using both live and artificial baits but if you’re interested in a challenge bring along a fly rod and target some of these fish in the extremely clear and shallow waters, which our area is “World Famous” for.

man and woman with redfish

Jay and Nancy Allen are showing off a Redfish Doubel Header with Red Hot Fishing Charters.

During a few of my most recent charters we have been targeting ladyfish within 2 minutes from the dock. Known as the “Poor Mans Tarpon” the lady fish is one of the most fun fish to catch because of its hard runs and acrobatic jumps. If it was edible it would definitely be the most sought after game fish in Florida but it is sought after on my charters because it’s a great fish for kids to catch and it’s some of the best bait our area has. (Just a note the boat record on lady fish is over 150 during a ½ day charter).

We use cut Ladyfish on my charters when targeting huge schools of Giant Redfish and now is the time we’re targeting some of the biggest Reds of the year. During the last few weeks I have spotted over 10 schools of Reds pushing 20+ fish to a school I know had to have well over 100+ fish in it. When targeting schools this large with fish ranging from 3-20lbs a stealthy approach is key and the anticipation of their feeding patterns is even more important. Normally, I prefer live shrimp when targeting Redfish, but if you have a school of 40 fish coming down a shoreline and you pitch a shrimp in front of them, chances are the pinfish are going to eat your entire shrimp before the Reds ever knew it was there. Cut Ladyfish acts as one big piece of chum and it will definitely last longer and get the attention of some of the hungrier Reds in a large school.

So as I sit hear on my back porch watching the rain and the leaves fall I finally have a chance to reflect on what a great couple of months it has been and what an AWESOME year 2009 was. Awesome catches of Redfish, Black Drum, Spanish Mackerel, Sheephead, Tripletail, Cobia and Tarpon Inshore and Grouper, Snapper, Kingfish and Bonita Offshore all combined to make 2009 one of the best fishing years in past memories. If you’re interested in creating a few memories of your own for the 2010 fishing season feel free to call or email for availability.

redfish in water

Clear water and Great Redfishing!!!!


Capt. Kyle Messier
(352) 634-4002

Florida Keys Double-Digit Sailfish

Wednesday, December 16, 2009
Capt. Easy does it again!!
Another day, another double-digit sailfish catch for the Capt. Easy crew! thanks John :-)

The Stark party from Connecticut, Chuck, Matt and Tony, had a Sailfish fishing session they won't soon forget, aboard the Capt. Easy with Capt. Bruce Anderson and first mate John. The CT crew caught and released a grand total of 10 Sailfish! I believe this is the daily record for the season so far at the Holiday Isle dock. (Yabba had 9 a couple of weeks ago.)

So if you think you have the angling "chops" to better the record, just call me Ernie or Nicki at 305 664 2321 x642 to book an exciting offshore fishing trip with the best in biz, the experienced captains of Holiday Isle Resort and Marina. Tight lines!!

Nikki Holiday Isle Offshore 800-327-7070 Etc 642

Holiday Isle Resort and Marina
84001 Overseas Highway
Islamorada, FL 33036
305-664-2321 ext. 642
Direct: 305-433-9942

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Jensen Beach Fishing Report 12-13-09

FISHING 12/13/2009

Cool temperatures, some wind, over cast and sun shine. it most be winter.
Off shore the wind has kept the seas at three to four feet, great for Sail Fish. Be at the bridge when the lights come on, lots of Snook or look to the fl;at water for the Reds and Trout. Surf is cooling so more Blues, Mac's and it is time for the Pompano, winter don't you love it.
Surf anglers before you unload all your gear take a look at the edge, see any activity or move to the next access. Had anglers in this week talking about the big Croakers at Bob Graham beach and anglers telling me there was nothing at the Holiday Inn, location. location and tomorrow it will change. Blue fish have made a strong appearance on spoons and cut baits mix in the Mac's and Jacks for and excellent morning. Late morning is when the Whiting, Croaker and Snook come tot he edge, they will stay out till the sun warms the water. Who would want to hang around with a school of Blues!
Snook season closed December 15 and will reopen February 1 so take the barbs off the hooks for a "Quick" release. Wind has the water churning at the bridges, cast up into the current and let the current present your bait, all you do is keep the slack out of the line, Flair Hawks you pick the color.
Trout (season opens Jan.1) and Reds like the flat water, less turbid. From inlet to inlet we have had good reports well into late morning, sheltered flat water using shrimp or D.O.A. baits will find them. Yes, plenty of Blues, Mac's, Jacks and Lady fish to make you crazy. Black Drum at the Roosevelt Bridge, just south of the draw span, shoulder to shoulder fishing ??????
Off shore Sails and more Sails, Dolphin to twenty pounds, Kings to thirty pounds and Black Fins, Bonita and the Wahoo all this and three to five feet of seas. Just depends on the size of the boat and your comfort zone, me I am a wimp, I can wait for the flat water. But then who catches the fish? Trolling ballyhoo has been the bait and method, take dinner to the fish. Good reports both north and south of the inlet, so start north and troll south either way there are fish. Run at least one deep in your spread and just maybe you will
find that Wahoo, for sure a King Mac is waiting.
SNOOK is closed, Trout is they are eating any thing you throw, take the barbs off the hooks..............................Henry

Snook Nook Bait & Tackle
3595 NE Indian River Drive
Jensen Beach, FL
(Just South of the Jensen Causeway)
(Since 1949)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Jacksonville Fishing Report

Friday, December 11, 2009
12/10 - MORE INFO...?

I had Ben G. and three members of his party aboard on Thursday. But the day started out a bit wacky. And I learned something. That I'm going to pass on to you.

Ben got lost. But then again, he didn't know he was lost. He booked his trip, we talked on the phone several times. And I thought we covered it all. He came in for a wedding from Minn. On the phone I tell everyone who isn't "down the street local" to go to my maps and directions page,
Which is a link, showing where to meet me, and also where you the driver can plug in your hotel address, grandma's house address, whatever, and then hit "take me to Capt Dave". And print the directions, it gives you. I tell everyone, to utilize everything I have on my web site. It's all there.

To make a long story a bit shorter. Ben was lost. He called me at 8am, I was hoping to depart around 7:30am, and was sitting in the water for over a half hour already. He said, "we're near..... blablabla...."
I had no idea of where he was. And thought he was lost somewhere in Atlantic beach, because he said he was staying at the Comfort Inn at the beach, I believed.

The out come was, he was in Fernandina! And was driving around up there, LOST. Not even lost in Jacksonville-Duval County. The crew ended up, going back to their hotel....on Atlantic road/blvd/street in Fernandina(?) to pick up a GPS one crew member had. Then, they plugged in 4870 Ocean Street Jacksonville, and the GPS brought them all the way down A1A, to the ferry and then to me at the Mayport Boat Ramp. IT WAS NOW 10:00AM.

Needless to say, we lost the last of the falling tide, that I was so counting on. The wind was blowing NW 15, it was realllllllly COLD, they managed 2-small Specks, and about 7 or 8 small Yellowmouth Trout on a really slow incoming tide while float-rig fishing, and we didn't get back till 5:30pm. And we had fun. So a 6 hr charter turned out to be a 12 hour day, for me. I was up and out the door at 5:30am. Which wasn't the big deal, the big deal is that our fishing is TIDAL......It's that important to depart the dock, when I say.

If I knew they were coming down from Amelia Island in the first place, I could have directed him, and picked him up at the Sisters Creek Boat Ramp.

But the point is; I have all needed information on my web site. PLEASE UTILIZE IT.

Which brings me to the next subject.

When I do these reports and the weather's great, and the fish are chewin the keel of the boat. And I write these words here: IT'S GO TIME.....NOW!!

That actually means, now. That week, in the next few days, before the next front, while the tide is good, etc. In the winter months in J-ville Florida. The huge difference between, October and January as an example, is the closeness of the "cold fronts" coming down from Freezin' Town USA. (Aka: The rest of the country.)

NOVEMBER, is one of my absolute TOP Months when it comes to wackin and stackin lots of good size Speckled Trout. (Just look at some of my previous reports this month....were you on board?)

If you look at it in "reality world". Between these holiday and the work weeks. The average person maybe, able to actually go fishing one day out of 30. The whole month of November.

And then, in December that number may not even exisit at all, unfortunately. That's why these holidays are not on top of my favorites list, by no means. Too me, this time of year means No Sweating, No long Boat rides, Shrimp that stay alive, and lots of big fat Trout, toss in a Red, and Sheepshead for good measure.

Each year is different. I know, this year the big bite of Reds, Yellowmouth Trout, Specks, and jumbo Croakers, didn't even happen on the same spot that was all out mayhem, on the last of a falling tide, not a 1/2 mile from the dock, last October.

So, being flexible. is the name of the game, and a way of life for me.

My entire web site, it's been refined over the course of 13 years. And yes, I've probably been doing reports for the same amount of years. So I believe, these too are quite "honed". Giving YOU all the information you'll ever need, to make a decision on where, when, and how to go about...FISHING with me.

And something else I believe, is that more people read these reports that have their own boat, and fish around here themselves, than do the people this entire blog is dedicated too....and that's POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS.

Many folks email me, asking what's going on. And I just email them back a link to this blog. Which is the same link that's atop each page of my web site. Right there, for the world to click on.

The moral of the story is; I view other charter sites myself. And usually do not find the abundance of information contained here or at (which this page is the fishing reports link at by the way.)

I did get an email one time from a guy, who said he was reading my Google Blog, and wondered if I knew of a local charter guide. Since reading these pages, he was impressed with all the info.

Can you image my initial thoughts? I emailed him back and said...."I am the guide. That's my reports blog!" And it's funny...actually, because I never heard back from him. I guess he was only impressed, for that moment.

Captain Dave Sipler's Sport Fishing

Sarasota Florida Fishing Report 12-12-09

Capt. Rick Grassett’s Fishing Report for 11/30 through 12/11/2009

Anglers fishing with me on the Snook Fin-Addict, out of CB’s Saltwater Outfitters on Siesta Key, had fast action with pompano and bluefish during the week of 11/30. Rusty Chinnis, from Longboat Key, and I fished the east side of Sarasota Bay on Tuesday, 12/1 and caught and released more than 15 pompano to 3-pounds and several blues to 4-pounds on Ultra Hair Clouser flies fished on intermediate sink tip fly lines. Wind was an issue on Wednesday as a front moved in, but Jordan Hechtman and Frank Neubauer, both from Longboat Key, managed to catch a pompano, bluefish and several trout on CAL jigs with shad tails before we called it an early day. Jim Festa and Bob Benson, both from Sarasota fished Sarasota Bay with me on Friday. The action slowed as the front drifted back to the north; however they still caught a pompano, a couple of blues, a nice flounder and several nice trout near Long Bar on CAL jigs with shad tails before a steady rain ran us off the water.

Capt. Ed Hurst and I were instructors at CB’s Saltwater Outfitters Orvis-Endorsed fly fishing school on Sat. Dec. 5th. The school covers fly casting basics, line control, shooting line and the roll cast. Winter/spring 2010 dates have been established and are Jan. 23, Feb. 20, Mar. 6, Mar. 27 and Apr. 17. Capt. Ed Hurst and I will also cover leader construction, fly selection and saltwater fly fishing techniques. The course, designed for beginning and intermediate fly casters, will also cover correcting problems and improving casting skills. Cost for the school, which will run from 9 AM to 4 PM, is $150 per person and includes the use of premium Orvis fly tackle, a text book, instructional DVD and lunch. Contact CB’s Saltwater Outfitters at (941) 349-4400 or to make reservations.

Mike Sprague and Kep Phillips, both from NJ, and their friend, Warner, from Naples, FL, fished Sarasota Bay with me on Monday. They caught a couple of pompano and bluefish, numerous trout and a red on CAL jigs with shad tails. The best action was near Long Bar. Walt Poxon, from MN, and Bill and Sue Poxon, from Sarasota, FL, fished the east side of Sarasota Bay with me on Tuesday. They had fast action with blues to 4-pounds, Spanish mackerel and numerous trout on CAL jigs with shad tails.

A front pushed through late Thursday, but I expect action to pick back up when the weather stabilizes by the weekend. Negative low tides, as we approach the new moon on Weds, Dec. 16th, should concentrate fish in potholes and along sand bars. Snook at night should also be a good option especially towards the end of next week when evening tides improve.

Tight Lines,

Capt. Rick Grassett
Snook Fin-Addict Guide Service, Inc.

FFF Certified Fly Casting Instructor
(941) 923-7799
E-mail and

flounderBob Benson, from Sarasota, FL, caught this nice flounder on a CAL jig with a shad tail while fishing Sarasota Bay with Capt. Rick Grassett.

blue fishBill Poxon, from Sarasota, FL, celebrated his birthday by catching nice blues in Sarasota Bay with Capt. Rick Grassett.

sea troutKep Philllips, from NJ, caught and released this nice trout on a CAL jig with a shad tail while fishing Sarasota Bay with Capt. Rick Grassett.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Indian River Lagoon Fishing 12-10-09

Mosquito Creek Outdoors Indian River Lagoon Coast Fishing Report,
November 21, 2009

By Captain Tom Van Horn

Up Coming Seminars and Events

On December 12th, Anglers for Conservation (AFC) will be conducting the Conservation Angler Certification Class at Mosquito Creek Outdoors, 170 South Washington Avenue in Apopka, Florida. This free event is class 8 of our 8 series Fundamentals of Flats Fishing and runs from 10am - noon and the instructors are Captains Rodney Smith, Chris Myers, Ron Presley, Keith Kalbfleisch, Charlie McCullough, and Tom Van Horn. This class will provide anglers with instruction and certification on conservation, boat operations, fish and wildlife handling, good ethics, and leaving a lighter footprint while enjoying the value of our sport and our outdoor resources here in Florida. For more details and directions to Mosquito Creek Outdoors, visit their website at

Holiday Gift Certificates Special;
Book a fishing charter in advance by purchasing a holiday gift certificate at the special rate of 375.00 for a full day of fishing for two anglers. The certificate is good for one year from the date of purchase and makes a great Christmas present for those close to your heart. There's no better time than time spent on the water stretching line. Call me at 407-416-1187 or send me an e-mail at to purchase one today.

As everyone knows across America fishing conditions are tough in December, but thankfully, we still have good fishing here in Central Florida, you just have to squeeze your play in between work and honey dos, by fishing when the weather is good. And at least we are still wearing our winter shorts.

Heavy rains received over the past week, 4 inches at my house, have elevated water levels even higher in the lagoons and actually have water flowing through culverts and creeks again. These locations have concentrated fish on the discharges feeding on baitfish, shrimp and crabs flushed from the impoundments. Also, the higher water levels have both snook and redfish working the very edge of the shoreline, so watch for small showers of minnows along the very edge and fish with small jerk baits like the DOA CAL rigged weedless.

Believe it or not, there are still some snook around. Our warm fall has kept them around a little longer this year. Most of the linesiders have been concentrated around creek mouths feeding on small minnows. Also, remember snook season closes on December 15 on Florida's Atlantic coast, so you only have a few days left if you would like to take one home for dinner.

Lastly, it is once again time to target speckled perch (crappie) on the many inland lakes of Central Florida. Cooler conditions have concentrated fish and as soon as we get a few cold fronts through they should be moving up on their bed to spawn. Also, it is time to dust off your shad rigs and tie up some Crazy Charlie's because the shad run is just around the corner. Last year I caught my first American shad on December 18th, and the run was off the hook.

In closing, it looks like the weather will remain nasty until Sunday and Monday where west winds of 5 to 10 knots are forecast. So on Saturday, come join us for the Certified Conservation Angler Class at Mosquito Creek Outdoors and be sure to visit Mosquito Creek's website to order those hard to find gifts online for those outdoor enthusiast close to your heart.

As always, if you need information or have any questions, please contact me.

Good luck and good fishing,

Captain Tom Van Horn
407-416-1187 on the water 407-366-8085 land line

Visit for your outdoor adventure needs, its Where the Adventure Begins!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Time To Get Fishing In Key West

Fishing Report For Key West Florida
By: Capt Steven Lamp

December is here.... Time to get fishing. Unseasonably busy here for us at Dream Catcher Charters. We have been really having a ball fishing the backcountry on these cool late fall days. Waiting for the water temps to fall some more to bring in our winter species once again.

Trout, Redfish, Pompano, Big Barracudas, Jacks, Cobia, Lady fish and more. On the flats the Permit will be there in great numbers before it goes bone chilling cold. A great time of the year to fish Key West, Florida.

One of my favorite sport fish in the winter is the Barracuda. Fast and furious these guys hit with scary fast speed and power. During the warm fronts in December and right on into January we get the Monster Gulf Tarpon. A nice surprise for an angler looking to hook a BIG fish.

Check us out here in Key West we are Dream Catcher Charters. I am Capt. Steven Lamp and we can take you on a fishing charter you will not forget. Our state of the art bay boats built by Yellowfin Yachts and our flats boats made by Lake and Bay are not only fast but very comfortable.

Give us a call 1-888-362-3474

5555 College Road
Key West, FL 33040

A Great Day Fishing The Florida Keys

Wednesday, December 9, 2009 A little company fishing time at Holiday Isle Resort!
They say a bad day fishing is better than at good day at work. But what about a great day fishing with your buddies from work??! This was the case for the guys from MSS Corp. who are down in the Fla. Keys for a fishing fest, while they hold their annual focus group.

3 sailfish flags

The guys from MSS chartered 3 boats from Holiday Isle Marina and scored big time out on the water. First off we have Hal, Dan, Jim and Pete who went out aboard the Capt. JR with JR Rudzin. This crew tallied 3 Sailfish, 4 Kings, 2 Cudas, and 5 Tunas. Not too shabby!

Next, we had Tim, Tim Jr., Tom, Spike and John aboard the Dee Cee with Capt. Chuck Shimmelman. This MSS crew tallied 3 Sailfish and 13 nice Kingfish. Well done fellas!

A third group from MSS went out aboard the Capt. Easy with Capt. Bruce Anderson (we don't have their names, but you know who you are!). Capt. Easy's crew landed 8 Kings, including a 30lb submarine, 4 large Yellowtails, 1 black Grouper, and 4 Tunas.

I think it's safe to say a great time was had by all! Some of the MSS crews are out again today, so stay tuned for some further action updates.

If you too would like to do some exciting offshore fishing while you hold your company group event at Holiday Isle Resort and Marina, just contact me Ernie or Nicki at 305 664 2321 x642. And remember, a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work, but in the Fla. Keys there are NO bad fishing days! Tight lines!!

Nikki Holiday Isle Offshore 800-327-7070 Etc 642

Holiday Isle Resort and Marina
84001 Overseas Highway
Islamorada, FL 33036
305-664-2321 ext. 642
Direct: 305-433-9942

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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Everglades Tarpon

November 25, 2009 tarpon Filed under: Ship's Log — Captain Ned Small @ 7:03 pm

There are plenty of mysteries in the Everglades and plenty of mysterious places. Call it our own “Location X,” a place where the usual rules don’t apply, where a burst of fair weather at any time of year can provide, for the intrepid tarpon hunter, days like this. Captain Bill Blanton and I left the dock this morning two hours before daylight in order to be there at sunrise and when we got home near sunset we had logged well over a hundred miles on the GPS. We were plagued with camera difficulties but I managed to salvage a few, here’s one of Bill with a fish in the 100 pound class, and a few more: Everglades Fishing Photos. (Rio Esperanza)

jumping everglades tarpon

Captain Ned Small
All photos are the exclusive property of Capt. Ned Small

Friday, December 04, 2009

Jensen Beach Fishing Report 11-30-09

FISHING 11/30/09

Cool nights in the 50's and with highs of 75 slowed me down but not the fish. Surf finally slowed, weeds are gone and the Blue fish, Mac's and small Jacks are thick. Chrome and shiny spoons, Got-cha or cut mullet is the bait, at one point I heard of one cast one fish. With the cooler water these fish are there well into the noon hour, then the Whiting, Croaker, Pompano and Snook show as that edge warms. Last week the Snook were short this week they have been slot fish all week on spoons, small Whiting and the Yozuri Crystal minnow. Fishing on the beach has been good with fish all day, pick the hour for the species.
Yes, the river fish know it is cold and they eat to maintain their body temperatures, so you should have been here last night, the bite was on. How many times this week have I heard this story and I am in the store making sure every body get what's needed. So much for my fishing. The Snook bite at the bridges (do not forget your jacket) has been off the charts, Flair hawks has been the bait. Lighter hawks, 1oz, the water is not crashing through, the lighter hawks fall slower and I believe that is the reason. Anglers were catching five and six fish to get a keeper, I would be glad to four, dark hours, incoming tide, you pick the bridge. Slot size Red fish till late morning, lots of big Trout and three pound Jacks to keep you awake. From the Ft. Pierce Inlet to the St. Lucie Inlet fishing has been excellent, yes the Pompano are here. Live baits or artificial all report good catches.
Off-shore is just as crazy, Dolphin to twenty pounds, Sails in the spread, Wahoo for the down baits and nice size Kings all close. From sixty to one hundred feet of water it was fishing. Problem was one day it was north of the inlet the next day it was south, listen to the radio and if all you are hearing is south pick up the baits and run south. I know it is hard to run buy a rip in the water or a patch of weeds, just do it, unless you see birds and flying fish. The Wahoo have been on the down baits out at the deeper water, slow down and get your baits back in the water you are now south of the inlet.
WHERE IS THE CAMERA?????????????? Henry

Snook Nook Bait & Tackle
3595 NE Indian River Drive
Jensen Beach, FL
(Just South of the Jensen Causeway)
(Since 1949)

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Tampa Fishing Report 12-09

Tampa Fishing Reports
December 2009 Fishing Report
Wednesday, 02 December 2009 16:46 | Written by Stewart Ames

Big winter seatrout will take center stage this month. Whether they arrive in late November or early December is always weather dependent, but it is safe to say that these fish will be here any day. Enough cold fronts will have pushed through by early December to insure thier arrival. Although the season will be closed until the first of January, some of the best action will be in the coming weeks. With water temperatures still relatively warm, these fish are active and aggressive, and will pound topwater baits and jigs. Also, until the season opens, there will be less pressure so you'll have more room to fish. Three lures are all you'll need to catch trout this time of year...Zara Spook, Mirrolure's Mirrodyne and a 1/4 jig head with your favorite color plastic swim tail attached. If you're more inclined to post up on a spot and drop your anchor, it's hard to beat a select shrimp for bait. Buy larger shrimp as they are of more interest to the trout and survive the repeated pinfish assaults better. Place these shrimp on a #2/0 circle hook positioned several feet below a bobber and you can't go wrong.

Redfish, although fewer in number during our winter months, will take up residence along shoreline oyster bars and residential docks. Also, on our very low winter tides, they can be found in deep potholes on grassflats that are otherwise devoid of water. As the large schools of summer are gone, you'll find yourself working a lot harder for quality fish. During some winters, schools of smaller redfish in the 15 to 19 inch range may arrive. These smaller fish provide a good mix of action when combined with the larger seatrout. Like the trout, these smaller reds show a distinct preference for shrimp and usually respond well to one presented with a #2/0 circle hook and a split shot.

Although our kingfish appear to have headed south, there are still some real good fishing opponutites within several miles of shore. As of this last week, snapper were still in pretty good abundance on our near shore reefs and the grouper have definitely moved in with quality fish being found in less than 20 feet. A few mackerel are also around but they are noticeably fewer in number than two or three weeks ago. Pinfish and larger frozen baits will work well on the grouper. Snapper are always ready to eat a shrimp but also should respond well to cut baits. Try to use fresh cut bait as it tends to stay on the hook a little better. Whitebait is ideal for these snapper but it won't be here for much longer so plan on the cut bait alternative. Also, make sure to go light...15 to 20 lbs leaders and #1/0 circle hooks if you are targeting the snapper.

The beauty of our area is that there are always fish to catch and, barring any bad stretches of weather, December should provide some good options on a variety of species. So take advantage of our comfortable temperatures and get out there. Good luck and good fishing.

Captain Stewart Ames
Gone Fishing Charters

US Coast Guard Licensed Captain
Member Florida Guides Association
(727) 421-5291

© 2007 Captain Stewart Ames, Gone Fishing Charters, Tampa, FL

Last Updated (Wednesday, 02 December 2009 19:19)

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Islamorada Fishing Report 12-2-09

Tuesday, December 1, 2009
Nice mixed bag catch at Holiday Isle Resort and Marina!

mixt bag of fish

Steve and Donald Raskind from New York and Fred Merker from Ft. Myers, Fla. caught a very nice mixed bag yesterday aboard the Capt. Easy with Capt. Bruce Anderson and first mate John.

The Empire state anglers landed 6 Kingfish, including a 20lb+ whopper, 9 Yellowtail snappers, 2 Mutton snappers, 1 Mangrove snapper, 1 Jack Creavalle, 2 Skipjacks and a large Cero. Quite a nice catch!

If you too would like to experience the large variety of fishing you can enjoy in the Fla. Keys, just contact me Ernie, or Nicki at 305 664 2321 x642 to book an exciting offshore fishing trip today! Tight lines!!

Nikki Holiday Isle Offshore 800-327-7070 Etc 642

Holiday Isle Resort and Marina
84001 Overseas Highway
Islamorada, FL 33036
305-664-2321 ext. 642
Direct: 305-433-9942

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Boca Grande Fishing Report 12-09


The fishing has been excellent for many species inshore and offshore. Inshore sightfishing has been very good in the backcountry. Trout have gone into the holes in the back country and are eating and getting ready for winter, many trout up to 27". Bluefish are showing in the back as well as out front in the Gulf.

The gulf has treated us to Little Tunny fishing which up until the cold front was excellent with man;y going to 10-14lbs. The Blitzes were crazy! Bait close to shore is providing Spanish Mackerel and Kingfishing with 50 fish days common. I took a Red Grouper on fly in 18 feet of water which was a first. Even though the water is 66 degrees the fish are chewing with regularity. Great time to be on the water.

Capt. Al White

Tight Lines.

Capt. Al White

Boca On The Fly
Captain Al White
(941) 697-0320 Cell (941) 830-1375

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Everglades Fishing Report 11-18-09

Wednesday, November 18, 2009
Everglades Fishing Charters Fishing Report Nov 8-18/09

ladies with shark

The fishing has been good for the last couple weeks, even the week the wind was blowing up to 25 mph the fishing was good. For the last few days the wind has laid back down finally. Anyway, we are catching a good mix bag of fish. Which is typical this time of year. Plenty of action on the flats for pompano, trout, bluefish, ladyfish and mackerel. Around the islands we are catching a nice number of snook, redfish, jewfish, jacks, ladyfish and snapper. We also caught a 23 inch Gag Grouper in the Islands. I had 2 couples fish with me a couple days ago, so we called the girls against the guys. Well, guess who won that day...The girls with a score of 24 to 23. We had a hard time keeping track the day before so this day they brought a pencil and pad to keep score with. We actually caught 16 snook and Barb caught the biggest one (snook).

reds and snook


These fish weren't monsters, but they are a lot of fun especially when they wanted to see who (guys or girls) could catch and land the most fish. Roberta caught the biggest fish over all being a 49 inch bonnet-head shark. She had a lot of fun catching that one. The guys did a good job keeping up with the girls and of course Jim says "I caught dinner" with his 23" gag grouper.

gag grouper

jack cravel

Chuck was having fun just being in the game catching fish and away from work. I have a couple pictures, but my camera got water spots on the lens so the most didn't turn out very good. Oh well, maybe next time. Okay this is the time of year that everyone is busy getting ready for the Holiday, but you need to call and get your fishing dates reserved. Don't want to get left out. Remember that fishing experience that you have been thinking and dreaming about, come on and pick up the phone, give me.... Capt Becky Campbell a call........ at 239-695-2029 and reserve that date cause the fishing is great and the weather is good.

Captain Becky Campbell

Posted by Captain Becky Campbell at 8:50 PM