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Amelia Island Fishing Report 2-2012

Amelia Island Fishing Report
Get away from it all and ......let's go fishing!
February 2012
by Cpt. Lawrence Piper

Who Said it Was Going to be a Cold Winter?
We have only had a couple of days where we covered plants to protect them from the cold and most of the time we're getting temperatures into the 70's, making it great weather to be fishing the waters of Amelia Island!  Plan to follow along with what's biting at the Amelia Island Fishing Report.  Bookings are slow this time of year so if you have a window, give me a call and book a trip. Get away from it all and...Let's Go Fishing on The Angler's Mark!

January Report/February Forecasts
You just can't beat this great weather! According to the radio, today's a "pefect 10" with a high expected to be 70!  The fishing that we did in January was simply Outstanding!  Even though we had some wind blowing on one trip in early January, we had non stop action for a while, picking up some Puppy Drum and Sheepshead.  A group of guys out of Atlanta had about as much fun as you can have catching large slot Redfish, keeper sized Trout, and hard fighting Drum.  The fish are here, fishing pressure is minimal, and the cool outdoors is a refreshing place to be this time of year.  In February you'll find the Whiting biting at the south end and Redfish, Sheepshead, and Drum biting near dock pilings and downed trees. Stay up to date by following the Amelia Island Fishing Report.  If you get the fishing fever and want to get out on the water, give me a shout and we'll go fishing!
Big Amelia Island Redfish Wraps Up The
Big Amelia Island Redfish Wraps Up The

The Anglers Mark 2012 Backwater Fishing Tournament
Big Trout

Fish The Anglers Mark and earn bragging rights and recognition that will last the whole year!  I've got an electronic scale and will begin to weigh each large Redfish, Trout and Flounder and post who is in the lead each month until the end of the year.  Right now, we have:
Michael Purser - Redfish  26" 6lbs


Andy Hall - Trout 22" 3lbs

Contact me to get in on the brag'n!


Spoonfly Blues
What does a Spoon flies fishing guide do in the winter time with a lot of time on his hands?  Make a mess* of spoonflies!  These are a batch that I just completed using a method I found off of the internet.  You can go to this link to find directions.  Spring will be here before you know it and we'll have a shot at those tailing Redfish for a month or so.

Boat Ramp Closure Updates:
Fernandina Harbor Marina:  There has been no noticeable start to the City of Fernandina Beach Harbor Marina dredging and the ramp is still usable.  I talked to one Marina employee the other day and he said the equipment was due and dredging should begin soon.  Again, the ramp will be closed intermittently with no notice.

Sawpit Creek on Big Talbot Island is still closed for repairs. Work was to be completed by JanuarySawpit Boat Ramp 9th but now a sign has been posted that it will be February 17th before it is finished.  It appears the ramp is almost back to normal with the new retaining wall in place, decking replaced, and new pavement down. No work had been started on the old dock on the south side of the ramp.

Capt. Lawrence Piper
The Anglers Mark

Amelia Island, Florida

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