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Mullet Flood Indian River Lagoon

Mosquito Creek Outdoors Indian River Lagoon Coast Fishing Report, April 24, 2009

By Captain Tom Van Horn

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X Marks the Spot
Although the winds of spring are starting to wane a bit, April remains blustery and I'm honestly looking forward to the doldrums of summer. Other signs of summer have arrived as hoards of silver mullet and bay anchovies (glass minnows) have flooded the middle reaches of the lagoon. In addition, a tremendous amount of Atlantic menhaden (pogies) and threadfin herring (greenies) have invaded the beaches and the buoy line out of port Canaveral. As we all know, the arrival of these bait species equates to improved fishing both inshore, near-shore and offshore, we just need the wind to lay down a bit.

Caught on a white Trigger X Crab

Caught on a white Trigger X Crab

Inshore this past week I made several attempts at fishing only to be blown off the water. On one occasion we attempted to fish early before daylight to avoid a weather report predicting 10 to 15 knot winds from the south, only to be faced with 20 to 25 knot winds by 10am at which time we called it a day and returned to the dock. I knew the winds would be a challenge later in the day, but I forgot that when the weather gurus predict 10 to 15 knot winds, they really mean you add the two together. Although the wind was unforgiving, we did manage a short window of top water action with a few small sea trout and a nice battle with a redfish; before it broke off on the trim tabs, caught on a three inch holographic bone chartreuse Skitter Walk.

TVH NMZ Trout Apr 23, 2009 7

On Thursday, the winds finally subsided and I was honored to fish the Banana River No-Motor Zone with Glyn Austin in an attempt to field test the new Rapala Trigger X soft bait. One of the best parts of being a guide and publishing a fishing magazine, is I often get a chance to try new lures before the hit the streets, a perk I totally enjoy. Our goal was to catch both sea trout and redfish on the new baits, and our efforts were rewarded by some gorgeous weather for a change and some hansom fish to boot. As I poled the flat Glyn worked a mixture of 3-inch shrimp, crab, and freshwater jerk worms in combination with Woodies Rattle Hooks and DOA CAL Jig Heads. The sea trout seemed to like the Trigger X baits the best, but we still managed a handsome redfish as well. Although most colors tried caught fish, the white shrimp and crab produced the most fish.

TVH NMZ Trout Apr 23, 2009 2

Caught on a new penny Trigger X Shrimp

According to Rapala, Trigger X soft baits are the first to use sent-emitting pheromones made specifically to target freshwater and saltwater species. The feeding pheromones stimulate fish into frenzy. As with any soft bait fished in the Banana River Lagoon, I strongly suggest sight fishing these baits as much as possible as the puffers loved them as well. Puffer fish are a curse for anglers and a blessing for soft lure manufactures, so if you desire to blind cast these baits, fish them fast to avoid the dreadful puffer attacks. Over all, I was satisfied by the results we received using the Trigger X baits, as I know for a fact they do catch fish.

TVH NMZ Trout Apr 23, 2009

I would also like to conclude this news letter with reports of commercial kingfish boats returning to the Port with their limits caught in less than 50 feet of water in the areas of bait pods, so the kingfish are moving in. I also heard that both jacks and some cobia were in the mix, so I'm chomping at the bit to troll some live baits off of the beach, as soon as the weather takes a breather.

Bob Reed

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Good luck and good fishing,

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