Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Everglades Tarpon

November 25, 2009 tarpon Filed under: Ship's Log — Captain Ned Small @ 7:03 pm

There are plenty of mysteries in the Everglades and plenty of mysterious places. Call it our own “Location X,” a place where the usual rules don’t apply, where a burst of fair weather at any time of year can provide, for the intrepid tarpon hunter, days like this. Captain Bill Blanton and I left the dock this morning two hours before daylight in order to be there at sunrise and when we got home near sunset we had logged well over a hundred miles on the GPS. We were plagued with camera difficulties but I managed to salvage a few, here’s one of Bill with a fish in the 100 pound class, and a few more: Everglades Fishing Photos. (Rio Esperanza)

jumping everglades tarpon

Captain Ned Small
All photos are the exclusive property of Capt. Ned Small

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