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Tampa Fishing Report 12-09

Tampa Fishing Reports
December 2009 Fishing Report
Wednesday, 02 December 2009 16:46 | Written by Stewart Ames

Big winter seatrout will take center stage this month. Whether they arrive in late November or early December is always weather dependent, but it is safe to say that these fish will be here any day. Enough cold fronts will have pushed through by early December to insure thier arrival. Although the season will be closed until the first of January, some of the best action will be in the coming weeks. With water temperatures still relatively warm, these fish are active and aggressive, and will pound topwater baits and jigs. Also, until the season opens, there will be less pressure so you'll have more room to fish. Three lures are all you'll need to catch trout this time of year...Zara Spook, Mirrolure's Mirrodyne and a 1/4 jig head with your favorite color plastic swim tail attached. If you're more inclined to post up on a spot and drop your anchor, it's hard to beat a select shrimp for bait. Buy larger shrimp as they are of more interest to the trout and survive the repeated pinfish assaults better. Place these shrimp on a #2/0 circle hook positioned several feet below a bobber and you can't go wrong.

Redfish, although fewer in number during our winter months, will take up residence along shoreline oyster bars and residential docks. Also, on our very low winter tides, they can be found in deep potholes on grassflats that are otherwise devoid of water. As the large schools of summer are gone, you'll find yourself working a lot harder for quality fish. During some winters, schools of smaller redfish in the 15 to 19 inch range may arrive. These smaller fish provide a good mix of action when combined with the larger seatrout. Like the trout, these smaller reds show a distinct preference for shrimp and usually respond well to one presented with a #2/0 circle hook and a split shot.

Although our kingfish appear to have headed south, there are still some real good fishing opponutites within several miles of shore. As of this last week, snapper were still in pretty good abundance on our near shore reefs and the grouper have definitely moved in with quality fish being found in less than 20 feet. A few mackerel are also around but they are noticeably fewer in number than two or three weeks ago. Pinfish and larger frozen baits will work well on the grouper. Snapper are always ready to eat a shrimp but also should respond well to cut baits. Try to use fresh cut bait as it tends to stay on the hook a little better. Whitebait is ideal for these snapper but it won't be here for much longer so plan on the cut bait alternative. Also, make sure to go light...15 to 20 lbs leaders and #1/0 circle hooks if you are targeting the snapper.

The beauty of our area is that there are always fish to catch and, barring any bad stretches of weather, December should provide some good options on a variety of species. So take advantage of our comfortable temperatures and get out there. Good luck and good fishing.

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