Thursday, February 04, 2010

Jensen Beach Fishing Report 2-4-10

FISHING 1/31/10

Now I know why the fish have been biting, they knew it was going to get cold again. That north wind is just not Florida, what happened to my sun and warm temps?
Pompano more Pompano and did I tell you about the Pompano bite? From north of the turning basin to the St. Lucie inlet and north to the North Fork it has been Pompano. In the flats a small jig with a piece of shrimp worked slowly across the bottom has been the ticket. In the deeper water a little bigger jig and from the bridges it is the jigging spoon. Surf anglers are using sand fleas and clam strips to get their fish to the beach. Pompano and more Pomps, mornings is when most reports come in but we have just as many fishing all hours of the day with the same reports, " we got our limit in the first thirty minutes and do you have any more of those spoons". It is the season for the Pomps and weather you like the surf or the river try it you will like it.
In the river Trout and Reds, three feet of water, look for a grass edge and you find your target. Soft rubber baits worked slower than slow is the method and as long as it does not get to cold the fish are striking the baits. Now if those pesky Pompano are not jumping around the boat the Blues will keep you busy and SNOOK is not open. We are lucky to have the Snook population we have, lets give them a chance to recover. Still plenty of Black Drum and Sheephead at the bridges along with some real nice Sand Perch and those Pesky Pompano with a mix of Jacks, Blues plus the biggest Mac's to stay busy with.
Surf has been a mix up, some days polite and on our days off not so polite. Blue Fish early on Spoons and cut baits although if it stays cool we may have get back to one cast one fish Blues. This week in the later morning the Blues backed off and the Whiting and again those pesky Pompano moved in. Shrimp, clams and sand fleas are the baits and they all work but the clams will work for all of the above. Cut your clams in strips, very elastic, stays on the hook will not come off on those long casts. Pompano will eat a sand flea but whiting might not so they both like clam strips, why not.
Off shore was a hard week to call. Just when you thought it was right the seas were against you. Action zone was between 125' and 180' straight out the St. Lucie, Sails, Dolphin and Kings were all the catch list but it was hard fishing. Three to five then four to six foot seas with the wind changing directions just made it less than polite. The churned up seas will keep the fish around now all we have to do is get a bigger boat, really bigger boat to go play, I guess I will have to wait.
Till next week ...........SNOOK IS CLOSED TILL SEPTEMBER 1... I don't care what your neighbor heard......................HENRY

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