Friday, February 12, 2010

Key West Fishing Report 2-10

Key West Fishing Report Updated fishing reports for the flats February 2, 2010

The Keys have had a bout of cold weather at the beginning of January that sent our fishing into hibernation. It was unfortunate circumstances but the latter half of the month proved to be terrific for barracuda, permit and shark fishing.

We spent a lot of the month just fishing for what was available and in January it can be plentiful. Our days on the water proved to be good for huge barracuda, jacks, bluefish and mackerel. There was even a 21- pound permit on fly caught by my good friend Lance Gleason of Missoula, Montana. You can check out his videos on YouTube by searching for 406Productions.

As for February, we've got a fresh start to a new month of fishing and as the days get warmer and the humidity starts to rise, it's just a matter of time before the first string of tarpon come across the flats.

February and March will be the best months for stalking permit on the flats. Some of our largest permit are here at this time and they are willing to eat.

So we keep our fingers crossed for no more cold fronts (or just the minimum) and get ready to welcome spring.

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Capt. Justin Rea
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