Thursday, December 22, 2011

Apalachicola Fishing Report

Redfish rule in December and January on the mild sunny days that we love to experience here in winter on the Forgotten Coast. Just this past week of beautiful warm December weather, Capt. Tommy Holland's clients came in with about 60 legal fish and Capt. Chris is fishing for Reds as I type with Rob Bartosh. That's not to say that colder weather isn't fishable... because it is! If you've got the fishing bug bad enough, there's always someplace to tuck up out of the weather & hook up on striped bass or redfish or trout. Fortunately we do have a year round fishery here. Note: Tarpon are a HOT weather fish.

Congratulations Shawn Jarrell for correctly guessing the number of spots on the redfish in our last fishing report. Capt. Chris Robinson reported there were 41spots on that redfish. And local Shelley Shepard was the closest on the weight of the Bull Redfish. It weighed 22 lbs on the Boga-grip. Shelley's estimate of 22.5 was the closest. Shawn, your hat is on the way to you in the mail and Shelley, you have to come by our new office to get yours!

Bill Mudd just finished fishing with Capt. Tommy Robinson December 11-15 in the Florida Everglades for Snook, etc. The season for snook is closed, but they are still an exciting fish to catch & release. Tommy plans to continue to fish with clients in the Glades every year. Let me know if you're interested in Dec. 2012!

Dr. Ed Hall also enjoyed his Everglades fishing trip with Tommy this December! Plenty of snook, some "Ditch" fishing and a python. Fishing with Tommy is nothing but pure entertainment!

Ok, enough fooling around. Here's the news. Capt. Jr. is in the process of building Robert the fish cleaner a new fish cleaning building. All of y'all who have had their fish professionally cleaned by Mr. Robert will appreciate this. Look for photos of his new place in the next newsletter.

Next on the agenda...Deposits for 2012 fishing trips. If we have contacted you and given you your dates and you wish to fish then your deposit is past due now. Reservations are not guaranteed without the deposit.

We LOVE our new space!! Can't wait for everybody to come see it!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year & Tight Lines!

Kathy Robinson
Robinson Brothers Guide Service/Robinson Real Estate Company
44 Avenue E
Apalachicola, FL 32320

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