Friday, January 06, 2012

North East Florida Fishing Report

Amelia Island Fishing Report
January 2012

Happy New Year Anglers!

Here's hoping that you're able to get out on the water as much as you can and have the best fishing year you've ever had!  Plan to follow along with what's biting at the Amelia Island Fishing Report .   If you don't have a boat or just want me take care of everything, Get away from it all, book a trip,  and Let's Go Fishing on The Angler's Mark!

December Reports/January Forecasts
Amelia Island Redfish

December rolled along as if it were still Fall with only cool mornings warming to the high 60's and low 70's.  We had a number of trips where we caught all the small Trout we wanted with a few keepers thrown in to make a good dinner.  Some Flounder were still in the area and we found Redfish around downed logs and dock pilings;  when you caught one, you caught a dozen.  Although most of them were just undersized, we had a couple of trips where they were pushing the limit of the Slot.   My last trip of 2011 produced 40+ fish with 2 keeper sized Trout, 2 Slot Reds, and 2 large Sheepshead.

As I write this, tonight's temperature is supposed to drop into the low 20's so winter is here!  FISH THE STRUCTURE!  That's what I noted in my journal last January.  The Redfish, Drum and Sheepshead were found around the logs, dock pilings and even a wreck on the south end  of the island.  Keep track of the fish catching at the Amelia Island Fishing Report!   Wear layers and get out on the water to enjoy some Amelia Island fishing. And if you'd like to make it a "hassle-free" fishing trip, Contact me and I'll do all the work!

Amelia Island Redfish

Capt. Lawrence Piper
The Anglers Mark

Amelia Island, Florida

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