Friday, June 26, 2009

Best Fishing, Early Mornings/ Evenings


Capt. Grayson Shepard with a tarpon caught baitfishing

They say that spring comes in like a lion or a lamb, but what do you call the first day of summer with a heat index of 115 degrees? For fishing, if you can withstand the heat, it can be a good thing, especially for tarpon anglers. Whether you are sight casting for tarpon with a fly rod or you prefer bait casting for tarpon and sharks, they do like it hot! And according to reports from all the guides, it doesn't get any better. Be sure to ask us about our Tarpon/Shark trips!

sea trout

Spec caught on Capt. Dave Armentrout's boat

If you like fishing for inshore species like redfish, speckled trout and so on, plan on getting up very early in the morning and getting your fishing in before the heat really takes hold, or possibly waiting until late afternoon or early evening & fishing until dark. Capt. Tommy Holland's crew had 25 trout and 3 redfish caught by 8:00 am this morning! Early mornings and afternoons/evenings are best for sight seeing trips as well and yes we are offering these trips.

red snapper

Capt. Greg Fletcher holds a BIG RED caught on the Wahoo 6/20/09

Recent Offshore charters have been VERY successful -- the red snapper are very big and very plentiful. Just be mindful of the Florida limits and don't get so caught up in the action that you forget to reapply the sunscreen and be sure to drink plenty of water!

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