Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How To Fish Sarasota In Summer

Fishing Report 06/16/2009 – Capt. Terry Frankford

Summer time fishing is here with trout being the most active species aboard the Reelin & Chillin. Redfish, gray snapper, and believe it or not a few sheepshead have been found in the Sarasota area also. One client picked up a red weighing in at 16lbs, measured at 36 inches, great catch on only 10lb test line. The largest trout measured in at 26 inches, a tie breaker aboard the Reelin & Chillin.


How's It Done
Just before picking up the client's I head out to the beaches North Lido, or South Longboat Key to catch bait. Netting close the the beach I try to pick up a few hundred green backs. Then I head to Hart's Landing and buy a few dozen hand-picked shrimp - these are for the redfish. I have several grassy areas I like to fish for trout in - all ranging from three feet to seven feet deep. Drift fishing is great, if you only have a couple angler's. However, I normally have around four angler's so I use the PowerPole to keep lines from getting tangled. I fish a spot for a few minutes, or until the fish stop biting - then lift the PowerPole - drift about as far as you can cast, and stick it again. This method is great for finding where the fish are. It's surprising how just a couple hundred feet on the same flat can all of a sudden produce fish. Just something a little different like depth, or where the grass meets the sand can make all the difference in the catch of the day.

Terminal Tackle
Light tackle, with small hooks works best for me. I put 10lb test on the reel, a twenty pound test shock leader maybe three feet long (line to line knot - no swivel). And the most important - a #4 MUTU-Owner Circle hook. This set-up gives your green back or live shrimp plenty of action, and life to attract fish.

I hope this information helps you catch more fish - have a great day on the bay.

Tight Lines & Good Times,

Capt. Terry Frankford
Reelin & Chillin Charters Inc.


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