Friday, June 12, 2009

Jensen Beach Fishing Report 6-12-09


Well it is summer, beautiful mornings and afternoon showers, we sure needed the rain just not as much.

Off shore , where is the bait is all I heard all week and it was a tough find with the cooler water, then came Sunday and the bait was every where. To many anglers had looked all week to go past them in the inlet so you know what the inlet looked like Sunday morning, it was quite a scene. No bait usually means cooler water, in that case let temp's be you guide, run till you get to the warmer water and then put the bally hoo to work. Now if the bait is in the inlet the options are yours from shallow to deep. Starting the week the fish were in two hundreds plus and by the week end the fish had moved in. The action zone way the hundred foot mark and in, good bite of Kings and Cobia in that forty foot zone, plenty of Snapper for the bottom angler, Sails and Dolphin were at the hundred foot zone. Just to make sure you are awake the Bonita have been every where from shallow to deep, Bonita fest has started. So no matter the bait have some extra, they have a great appetite. Yes, there are some Black Fin Tuna running with the Bonita, slow down and let your baits sink, get below the school, that is where the Black Fins like to be.

amberjack from kayak

Surfs edge Whiting and more Whiting so do not forget to bring a bucket of ice to keep your catch a fresh as possible. These fish are up close so it is a pitch not a cast to get your bait in the zone. Snook, Permit and Tarpon were on the catch list this week, excellent Tarpon on the north side of the jetty, Permit at Walton Rocks on crabs and the Snook are every where eating their full of Whiting. If you have not fished the surf it is time, seven foot rod, fifty series reel with plenty of fifteen pound test and forty pound leader, you are ready come on down. Leave your shoes in the car, get your toes wet and make a few casts, fishing the surf you never know what will be on the other end.

The river has been like glass, top water early, one that works slow and has a bit of a rattle to it. Big Trout early in the shallowest water, as the sun rises just back out to deeper water using a soft rubber bait on the smallest jig head, you want your bait to sink slowly. Slot size Red Fish on the west bank from mid way road to the Jensen causeway, bite time is short from dark to sun up, gold spoons are the bait. The spill ways are running sending lots of fresh water to the Roosevelt Bridge, Tarpon and Snook are there eating the small crabs but the Drum and Sand Perch have moved out, they prefer the water with a little more salt. First week I have not heard Pompano and bridge used in the same sentence, sure heard a lot big Spanish Mac's at the flood of the high tide. So if you are fishing the river fish early across the flats as that sun gets up go to the deeper water of the shaded water, there is plenty of fish.

Where is the sun block and did I mention the rain gear?????????...have a great week...HENRY

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