Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fishing The Solunar Times

Fishing Report 10/27/2009 – Capt. Terry Frankford

A Fish Tail aboard the Reelin & Chillin

It was a windy morning when Michael Green, Alie Thompson, Alex Green, and Katrina Lathrop of Anna Maria Island jumped on the boat. I really thought we may not go, however this was a tough crew that hung in there for a great four hours of fishing. We hit several locations catching an unbelievable number of different species - crazy thing is, it was only one of each with the exception of thirteen mangrove snapper. Here is what we caught one each of that were in the slot: Permit, Trout, Redfish, Black Drum, Sheepshead, and Flounder. What a crazy fish fry this crew is going to have. Michael's permit was a rare surprise to catch inshore, and Alex's redfish was a great battle on 10lb test line at twenty-seven inches.


Captain's Tip - Fishing the Solunar times

It's pretty simple really, just take a look at when the minor or major feeding period is and start fishing one hour before, and fish until one hour after. My understanding is that minor means the fish feed for one hour and major they feed for two hours. Minor is when the sun and moon line up on the horizon, and major the sun and moon are above and below. Anyhow, why get all scientific about it, keep it simple. I order twelve months worth of tables each year. This way I can plan trips for clients who have the flexibility time wise. You can also find them by the month on some websites for free, or at local tackle shops like Hart's Landing here in Sarasota that gives them away. Or, you can do what I do ordering a twelve month supply. If you can fish them - they do work - most of the time, nothing is for certain. They can be affected by cold fronts, high winds, freshwater intrusion caused by rain, or even a dolphin swimming through your favorite fishing hole an hour before you arrive. The thing is most anglers go to lots of expense getting ready for a trip with the right rod, line, leader, hooks, and bait, why not go at the best possible time. I know what many anglers say - hey I just go when I can, and I understand that, however you want to be "at the right place - at the right time" so why not be on your favorite fishing hole at the right time.

Tight Lines & Good Times,

Capt. Terry Frankford
Reelin & Chillin Charters Inc.


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