Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jensen Beach Fishing Report 10-10-09

FISHING 10/10/09

Lets go catch a fish, plenty of fish just not a lot of anglers. Seas were perfect, sun a little hot but a nice week to fish.
Off shore it was the Black Fin Tuna, Dolphin and small Kings, the perfect one for the grill. So where is the bait???? Up close, so why would the fish be any where else. Dolphin 12/20 lbs in fifty feet not two hundred but fifty feet, that's where dinner is. Good mix of small Kings there with them all on the bait school. At the two hundred mark it is Black Fin Tuna, lots of them. Troll some small feathers till you locate them then have your pitch rods rigged and ready. These fish are small 3/5lbs and some bigger but plenty of them. Set your boat limit, when you reach that take the barbs off the hooks and release the rest. Catching lots of fish is lots of fun but when you get back some one has to clean them. Sails made a show but where are the Wahoo. These fish love small Bonita's and Black Fins and everyone forgets about them, you find that school and run a bait deep around it and see if you don't find one or two, let me know how it works out.
Surf action is all bout timing, still plenty of Snook and Jacks or the early angler casting a Spoon or that D.O.A. Bait Buster. If looks like a Mullet cast it. If the morning is not possible just catch a high tide, they come back. Plenty of Whiting and Croakers thought the day so do not forget the ice. We had good reports all week from the beach, Blues, Mac's, Pompano (small) and Tarpon were on the catch list. Watch for the bait schools and if your target is Tarpon, please bring the big tackle.
There is plenty of slot Trout for the river anglers, from north to south, three feet of water using soft rubber baits and you will get all the Trout you want and yes shrimp they will eat. Did not here much on big Trout all Slot fish. Reds early from Bear Point south to Nettles island on west side, not sure what it is about that west side but it is their favored. From the flats it has been slot Snook, from the bridges all big. Anglers have reported plenty of Snook, problem, all to big using live baits or if it looks like a mullet use it. Gray and dark hours are the busy times. For the day time angler it all about the shrimp. Plenty of Black Drum, small Jacks and plenty of Snapper will keep the rods bent. Not to many anglers but plenty of fish.
Till next week, release a few for me.............................HENRY

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