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Amelia Island Fishing Report 9-8-2011

Amelia Island Fishing Report
September 2011

Hello Anglers!

There's a lot of information here so make sure you scroll all the way down. Please forward to friends and family who love to fish! The Amelia Island Fishing Report is kept up to date so visit regularly during the month to see what's biting! Get away from it all, book a trip, and Let's Go Fishing on The Angler's Mark!

Big Amelia Island backcountry Red

August Report/September Forecast:
Fishing was super hot in August in more ways than one! During the earlier part of the month anglers had to work through "baitstealers" to get quality fish. But as

August progressed, the Redfish and Flounder began to get bigger in the backcountry. See the complete and up to date Amelia Island Fishing Report.

September fishing should be outstanding! Air temps should be somewhat cooler and last year's journal notes indicate there will be more Redfish to be caught! FALL fishing is the best! Smaller crowds, More Fish, Cooler temps! Plan to book a trip on The Anglers Mark!

Flooded Grass Redfish

Flood Tides in September
Tides should be high enough to flood the grass and give anglers a shot at tailing Redfish. Good dates would be the evenings of Sept 6,7 and 8th and mornings of Sept 27, 28, 29, and 30th. Fishing out of The Anglers Mark, we'll plan to ease up to the flooded grass and get out and wade to tailing fish.

Nice Redfish for this young man!

Revamped "Kids Fishing" Page:
I've been working on a new page for those who have kids and want to get them out fishing. More than one refferal has come with the comment, "I hear you're the Kids Captain". I love to see kids catching fish and having fun! See Kids Captain.
Also, see the guest article written by Adam Coholan titled Teaching Children to Fish.
And see the Mote Marine video on their Teach a Kid to Fish event coming up!

The Anglers Mark First Video!
I've often thought of switching the camera to video mode and finally did. Luckily, Mike's wife Shannon was on board and did an excellent job of filming this oversized Redfish. We couldn't do anything about the glare - sorry - the sun was right in our eyes and we were fighting a fish!
Trade a Trip for Football Tickets

Florida Georgia Football
Hooray! College football is here! I make it a point not to show my Gator allegiance while fishing but, alas, I'm Gator down to the bone!

My wife and I love to go to the Florida/Georgia game, so if you have Two Gator tickets to the Florida/Georgia game, I'll trade a 1/2 day fishing trip. I can produce a gift certificate if you'd like to gift the trip. Contact me!

Amelia Island Blues Festival
Plan to visit Amelia Island during the Amelia Island Blues Festival September 16-17th. Get some fishing in while you're here! We'll fish early then you can get back and kick back to some great music out at the beach. Book your trip now!
Salty Feather Fall Fly Fishing Tournament
The Salty Feather fly fishing shop will be hosting a Fly Flishing Tournament on Florida's inshore waters Saturday October 1, 2011. This will be a catch-photo-release tournament with two divisions. Division 1 will be total length of legal Redfish and Division 2 will be total length of legal (Redfish, Trout and Flounder) slam. Visit here for more information.

FFF Florida Fly Fishing EXPO
Plan to visit Kissimmee, Florida October 21-22 for the Federation of Fly Fishers Florida Council's "Florida Fly Fishing Expo 2011" You'll find a whole host of fly fishing activities ranging from expert fly tying, casting instruction, seminars and more. Carol and I have attended a few of these and we're always amazed at how much fly fishing information is packed into one of these expo's.

Capt. Lawrence Piper
The Anglers Mark

Amelia Island, Florida

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