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Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report 9-15- 2011

Mosquito Creek Outdoors Indian River Lagoon Coast Fishing Report
September 14, 2011
By Captain Tom Van Horn

Upcoming Seminars and Events
Saturday, September 24th Free Hook Kids on Fishing Program
09.00 - 15.00 National Public Lands Day at Bill Frederick Park in Orlando.  The free kids event is sponsored by the City of Orlando, Anglers for Conservation, Teen Sportsfishing Association, FWC, Mosquito Creek Outdoors, Bass Pro and Mud Hole Custom Tackle.  The first 250 kids signed up get a free rod, reel and tackle box.
Volunteers are needed to help man learning stations and sign up kids, so if you have Saturday open, we will be meeting at the Bill Frederick Park on Turkey Lake at 9 a.m., so come join in the fun and help a kid catch a memory that will last them a lifetime.

Last Weeks Fishing Report
Well folks, with all the doom and gloom you been hearing from me over the last few weeks, I can finally say that conditions are changing for the better. If you haven't noticed, the fall love bug hatch is on, the goldenrods are in full bloom and the acorns are starting to drop. All of these are signs of fall, and the signify the commencement of the fall mullet run and the time of year breeder redfish school form up for their spawn in the north Indian River and Mosquito Lagoons. During the full moon phase last week all I heard was reports of no significant redfish schools being sighted, well all of that has changed these last few days. The schools are starting to appear in many of their traditional locations from the south end of the Mosquito Lagoon to Sebastian Inlet, so don't hesitate. During these breeding periods, the redfish become very aggressive striking well presented swim baits like the DOA Bait Buster and the Gulp Ripple Mullet, and top-water plugs like the Rapala Skitterwalk. Remember, these are breeder schools of trophy redfish, so please don't pound them. Catch yourself a couple nice fish, practice CPR, and then let the school do its thing.

Along the beach, the mullet run is on, but heavy seas have made fishing outside the inlets in shallow water boats a bit challenging, but as Maria move away, thing will start to settle down and fishing will improve.

As always, if you need information of have any questions, please contact me.

Good luck and good fishing,

Captain Tom Van Horn
(407) 416-1187

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