Friday, September 02, 2011

Jensen beach Fishing Report 9-1-2011

FISHING 8/30/11

Just another beautiful week in south Florida and the fishing has been spectacular. If you are planning a trip opening night your mouth should be watering for a fried Snook sandwich, the Snook have moved in to all the area bridges to pick and bully the first wave of mullet with the Tarpon joining in as well. Fishing the Jensen causeway one angler was cursing the Snook, “every time is cast to a Tarpon a pesky Snook would snatch my mullet”, I am sure his attitude will change come Thursday. Trout have stayed consistent between the Jensen and Stuart causeway on both sides of the river. Fish early, before sun up cast a top water then switch to something that works below the surface, bend a rod for a couple of hours and then go have breakfast.

Causeways are not only place to find these fish; anglers fishing the surf from Walton Rocks to Shuckers have found plenty. These fish are feeding on Glass Minnows tight to the shore line; look for the birds they are the biggest tattle tails on where these fish are hiding. Plenty of Whiting, Croakers and Sand Perch to fill your bucket as well, a small piece of shrimp will do the trick, keep it close, short cast is all you need they are at your toes.

Off shore conditions have shaped up nicely with nothing but a little roll to deal with. King Fish bite remains steady from 30’ to 60’, but the Bonita are there in force. Try getting you bait down deeper in the water column to avoid these pesky bait stealers, the fish you want are below the Bonita any way. Dolphin bite has been steady since the storm passed, start looking I 80’, but do not get stuck in one area look for debris and weed lines, find that and you will find them. Few Sails but no pattern, anglers fishing to the south get a bait down, 24oz trolling lead and blue and white Islander with a ballyhoo or strip bait and see “Hoo” might make that reel scream. ………………………….Capt. Justin

Next week we will find that Snook, I promise……………………………………..Henry

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