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Jensen Beach Fishing Report 3-15-09

FISHING 3/15/09

Lets go to the beach and catch a fish, you can pick your time for the species. If you rise early that is the Blue fish time, they like the cooler temps and they have made a strong showing all season. Cut bait is preferred but spoons and big chuggers have been taking good numbers. Now if you are a late riser, say 10:AM you can target the Whiting and Croakers and do not for get the ice because you will need it. A strong bite for the late morning angler, the edge has now warmed and the fish are at your toes. Little pieces of shrimp on a number four long shank hook and a pitch of the rod will put you in the zone. Pompano are on the move in and out, you may find them with a long cast or a short pitch, no time selection for these fish. This species has no pattern, so if you spend some time on the beach I am more than sure you will take home more than one maybe even a limit catch (6 is the bag). Now at any given time the Blue fish may come back and bite every thing off, why, because they did not read this column.
Yes there is Pompano just about every where for the river anglers, another species that did not read this column. From the flats north of Little Mud, south to Herman's Bay, on to the causeways and across the Sail Fish flats. Need more, well just go in the St. Lucie, start at the cross roads through Hells Gate, under the dime bridge and go north up to Club Med and that is a lot of Pompano. In the north fork the favored bait is yellow jig, Hells Gate a yellow jig, in the Sail Fish flats a yellow jig, from the bridges, you guess it a yellow jig, some with a teaser hook and some with a piece of shrimp but the jig is the answer. I wish I had an answer to the time but it seems the bite has been all day into evening hours. So lets go catch a Pompano. Trout and Reds find a grass edge early, using live shrimp or a three inch jerk bait worked slowly and be ready. Bridge anglers, yes Pompano but there are other fish, like Snook for the evening angler, Drum,Sheephead, Sand Perch, Snapper and a few I left out there all day to keep you busy.
Off shore it was a little sporty but the sun was shining and it was time to go. Deep is where the fish were hiding, from 200' out, good bite of Wahoo for those that target the species. A few Black Fin, they were thick in 800', the Dolphin bite was normal, here there then no where and the Spanish Mac's also thinned out. perhaps the ground swell earlier thinned the crowd, but they will be back. Small kings in thirty feet north of our inlet feeding on the bait schools and a good Mutton bite continues for the bottom anglers.
All and all it was a good week fishing both inside and out, if you missed it there is still a few Pompano.................................................HENRY

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