Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Sheepshead Dominate Sarasota Fishing

March 1, 2009

Sarasota Florida Fishing Report
By Capt. Bob Smith

Last week the fishing progressed slowly and was dominated by sheepshead. By
Thursday we started to get some nice Spanish mackerel, pompano, and
seatrout. The sheepsheads have been best in the passes and up close to the
rocks. They feed mostly on shrimp, shellfish, crabs, and sea worms. They
are not considered a sport fish but can get over ten pounds and give a good
fight on light tackle. Some consider them very good to eat, but not
everybody likes them.

I spent a lot of time fishing the grass-flats and Harts artificial reef.
Using live shrimp and DOA 3" artificial shrimp, we started to find some
keeper sea trout but we had to put up with a lot pinfish on the live bait.
The DOA worked much better.

I found the largest variety of fish on Harts reef. There were plenty of
short gag and red grouper to bend your rod. We also caught Spanish
mackerel, pompano, snapper, black seabass, and sheepshead.

The offshore boats are still catching plenty of snapper on Jigs and shrimp.

The water temperature is rising so the fishing will get better as the
temperature rises.

Enjoy & Protect

Thank you!

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