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Indian River Fishing Report

Central Florida Sight Fishing Charters
Capt. Chris Myers
July 31, 2010

Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report

Low water levels in the Mosquito Lagoon have concentrated the redfish. They can be found in schools, singles, and small groups throughout the day. The best baits have been those imitating mullet or small fish with the DOA Baitbuster and four inch CAL in the silver mullet color. The tarpon that were present last month have been few and far between. The ladyfish schools have thinned out as well but some large schools of jack crevalle can be found crashing schools of mullet.
The fishing was excellent this week. Each day clients had consistent shots at redfish throughout the day. As always, casting accuracy was the determining factor. Good casts usually resulted in a hookup. Jim and his son James had the best day landing over a dozen redfish and losing a few more.

For some great light tackle action, watch for mullet being crashed by schools of jacks along the outside edges of the sand bars during midday. They are usually being shadowed by diving pelicans and can be seen from a long distance. These schools move quickly but will strike anything that moves when it is cast into the feeding frenzy.

As mentioned above, the water levels are extremely low right now. We witnessed multiple boats run aground during the week. Navigate with care and always wear your kill switch.

Stuart 2010
I made my annual trip to Stuart, Florida this month to attend the annual DOA Outdoor Writers Festival and do some fishing with my wife. While the tarpon fishing is usually red hot there, this was the worst season I have had. A combination of cold water on the beach the first week and strong winds the last week kept me inside fishing the St. Lucie and Indian Rivers. The tarpon normally found in the Indian River were virtually non-exsistant. With large discharges of polluted fresh water being pumped into the St. Lucie, they were not in there in good numbers either. Fortunatley the snook fishing was good around the inlet and bridges. The DOA TerrorEyz, Baitbuster, and BFL 5.5 accounted for numerous fish. I did manage to land an 80 pound tarpon on a Baitbuster that bit while targeting snook. As soon as I left town, the weather returned to normal and the tarpon are back on the beach. Hopefully, we we will have better luck next year.

During the Writers Festival, I had the plasure of fishing with photographer Sam Root on the first day. Sam took some great shots of the fish I caught on DOA Lures and they can be seen here - Stuart Snook Photos

The second day I fished with writer Pete Barrett and Ronnie Rainer. Poor weather limited our options but we did catch some snook and jacks and lost a few more.

The final day of my trip I fished Mogan Mania with my friend Capt. Ron Presley. I pulled out the "Sloppy Slam" trophy with snook, sheephead, and black drum as the species.

Upcoming Seminars
Saturday August 7 Capt. Tom Van Horn and I will be giving a free seminar at Mosquito Creek Outdoors on Snook Fishing Tactics. The class begins at 9am

October 2nd Mosquito Creek Outdoors will be holding a "Discover Fly Fishing" event. Stay tuned for more information on special guests.

Capt. Chris Myers
Central Florida Sight Fishing Charters

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