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Jensen Beach Fishing Report 8-1-2010

FISHING 8/1/10

                Lake Atlantic, that’s as conditions have been, one to two feet with a light wind, a great week for boating.  Lobster mini season was last week and the seas were perfect.  Heard and saw some nice catches, the largest we saw eight pounds taken on the first day but sure heard about a lot of bugs. Interesting was the next day every one was headed out for the Muttons, those lobster pieces make great chum for bottom fish and the Muttons have been high on the catch list.

                 Off shore the polite seas had anglers playing around Push Button Hill and east of the there, deep water is where the gaffer Dolphin were taken.  Interesting was not a sound of these fish on the radio, but did wee a few and talked to a few anglers who were privy to the info, saw to fish over twenty pounds.  Most at the Hill were playing with the Black Fins trolling small cedar plugs and feathers, fish in the ten to fifteen pound class. Action zone was the 140’, on the catch list were Sails, small Dolphin, Kings, Bonita and more Bonita.  So many Bonita you needed extra bait, Bonita will eat any thing or every thing.  Trolled or live the fish were hungry, live baits were there one day and a hard finds the next, did you look in front of the House of Refuge that should always be your first stop. Now about the Muttons, from the inlets on out, Mutton Snapper everywhere, if there is a rock on the bottom they are on it, a dead Sardine works great. Did I mention the African Pompano and Permit on the Sand Pile, small jigs will get their attention.

                 Surf anglers started the week with 36” Cobia, plenty of Whiting, Croaker and those pesky Snook mixed with some big Jacks.  Yes they will all eat shrimp but if it is Snook that Crystal Minnow and the deep running Bait Buster by DOA will find them. That being the targets please take the barbs off the hooks for a quick release. Big Whiting and Bigger Croaker make a real nice dinner; do not forget the ice and the Jacks are there to test you and your equipment.  It was an all day bite, so sleep in then come on down.

                  River anglers are limited to low light, which is the best bite time.  If you can see the fish they can see you.  Long cast those top water lures and as the sun gets higher long cast those soft rubber baits.  Lots of slot Trout and Reds mixed with pesky Snook and mean Jacks.  Watch the grass edges, and pot holes in the sand both make great ambush points.  When the sun is high just go for the shaded and deep water, the fish want out of the sun. Tarpon at the power plant, at the channels, at the Stuart causeway and the Cross Roads but it seems they have won not one angler has that them on the target list.

                  Till next week, lots of water, sun screen and where is the camera………………………………………………HENRY

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