Friday, August 13, 2010

Jensen Beach Fishing Report 8-13- 2010

FISHING 8/7/10

           Cold water, off shore usually after a strong west wind we will have a cold water upwelling but no wind and we still have cold water?  Every one that I talked to said something about the cold.  All that great Mutton and Yellow Tail Snapper came to an end, if the water was that cold on the surface who knows what the bottom temps were.  What to do in the cold look in the deeper water, 220’ plus that is where the surface temps warmed.  As anglers left the inlets they talked of the cooler temps and then getting warmer as they went deeper.  Black Fin Tuna from 200’ out on small feathers, small cedar plugs, and small tensile jigs the key was small.  The good part was that these fish put on some weight but then so did the Bonita.  Like it came it will leave, cold today and normal tomorrow, not sure how Mother Nature does that.

                Inlets on the out going tides had Spanish Mac’s eating what ever you put in the water, one or two fine but not my target.  Snook and Tarpon will be back as soon as the water warms.  Snook season is closed, have our fingers crossed for and opening day of September 16.

                Surf edge cold maybe that is the reason the bite was so good in the middle of the day.  Whiting and Croaker, one cast one fish, I guess I am not the only fan of the heat.  Casting to these fish and you were beyond them, they were a pitch away.  Good size fish, do not forget the ice.

                 River temps were normal, early anglers found fish in the flats on top water lures, late riser had to look for their fish.  Shaded water, deeper waters were the targeted areas.  Lots of Glass Minnow schools, fish the edges for the Reds and the Trout were in the midst of it all.  Pay attention for the rolling Tarpon, they love Glass Minnows.  Pompano at the bridges and some really nice fish, small jigs were preferred.

                  Well I know for sure Mother Nature has not read the chapter in my book on summer water temps and the Pompano the chapter on migration, so it is back to the books for me, ………………………………………………….HENRY

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