Friday, November 20, 2009

Jensen Beach Fishing Report 11-20-09

FISHING 11/14/09

Finally the wind weapon has slowed, not stopped but slowed. Seas are settling and the bite is on.
Starting on the surf edge, it is that time of the year, Blue fish, Spanish Mac's and Pompano, the cooler water temps will bring them to your toes. Favored bait, spoons, chrome, if it flashes and dashes they have to have it. Size of the spoon depends on your equipment and conditions. Stronger surf means heavier spoons, you need something that will pull in those bigger waves, and wire leaders are necessary, these fish have lots of teeth and they bite through mono. Sun up will be your best time but they are there all day, in and out, 3 to 5 pounds excellent table fare. Pompano for the long cast then move your baits in slowly, they may be at your toes. Sand Fleas and Clam strips top the bait list for pompano, cut baits for the Blues and Macs. When the Whiting show the Snook will be there, so pay attention.
Trout is closed, take the barbs off the hooks for a fast release, they are every where, they know the season is closed. Red fish like the cooler water and will stay in the shallows longer looking for breakfast. Soft rubber baits, medium to small in size are favored and a live shrimp will get them all. From Bear Point south tithe power lines , east or west side, County line south to Conchy Joe's on the west side very busy. Sail Fish flats, around Boy Scout island and south also a busy zone, that is the area where most of the Flounder have been found. Throw in slot Snook, Blue Fish, Ladies and Jacks and I am sure you will busy fishing.
Off shore it was all about Dolphin, in the 200' zone, you had to go that far before the wave were far enough apart to fish. This is a new week and the seas have slowed, pulling bally hoo in 100' zone will find them. Fish in the twenty pound class in good numbers both north and south of the St. Lucie inlet. A few Sails, a few Kings but it was the Dolphin that got all the attention. Quiet seas and cooler temps will make for excellent fishing this week. come on down.
Till next week, PLEASE WATCH THE LITTER, if you bring it out bring it back. It only takes a minute to put a NO FISHING sign but it takes a long time to get them removed.....................................................................HENRY

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