Monday, November 09, 2009

November Fishing Forecast Tampa Bay

A November 2009 Fishing Forecast For Tampa Florida

Courtesy of Captain Jay Schroeder - CJ Flats Saltwater Charters:

Inshore, as water temperatures cool throughout the month of November, anticipate some of your favorite summer haunts slowing down. Depending on tides and temperatures on any particular day, consider trading in the flats for residential canals with deeper, slower moving waters adjacent to docks and seawalls. Dark muddy bottoms, oyster bars, and concrete structures will heat-up faster in the mornings and retain heat through the evening hours. Hit the snooze button once or twice throughout the month of November: No need to wake up before dawn. Leave the cast net at home. White bait will become scarcer, afternoons will become more productive than the mornings, and free-lined shrimp work great this time of year for Redfish and Snook with by-catches of Flounder, Jack Crevalle, and Lady Fish.

Nearshore, as cold fonts push through throughout the month of November, look for breaks in the winds to target shallow water Grouper. Savvy anglers with good sets of Nearshore numbers will find keeper Gag Grouper and Red Grouper off rock piles and other pieces of structure along the Gulf Coast and in Tampa Bay. No secret honey holes? Don’t worry: Other effective ways to target shallow water Grouper are slow trolling deep-diving lures like the Mann’s Magnum Stretch Plug and running downriggers with a variety of artificial jigs or live bait. Slow trolling for Grouper is effective method to explore new areas, work larger pieces of natural bottom, or stay near the cuts within the shipping channels. When a good strike is had, mark the spot, anchor up, or use a slow drift and work cut bait off the bottom. In addition to some nice keeper Grouper, Black Sea Bass, Grunts, and Mangrove Snapper will provide anglers with a tasty by-catch off the bottom.

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