Friday, November 13, 2009

Monster Reds Abound!!!

Monster Reds Abound!!!
Report Date: November 4, 2009

redfish underwater

Checkout this great underwater shot of a nice Refish. These fish don't hesitate sucking up a Berkley Gulp!!

Finally, the dog days of summer are behind us. Passing cold fronts and cooling winds have finally prevailed and our fish are finally starting to take hold of their fall and winter feeding grounds. Shallow flats, deep holes and scattered oysterbars are all targeted terrains during this transition phase. Some are better than others but at least most of our fish have returned from their summer time, deep water haunts. With the cooling temps and lack of rain you can really notice the water starting to clear up for the winter. Normally our local waters are crystal clear year round but when the summer rains have subsided and the runoff is all ran out our local waters and flats become so clear you spot a tailing fish from a great distance away.

Spotting tailing fish is prime right now with a variety of tailing species feeding heavily for the winter. Redfish, Speckled Trout, Sharks, Cobia and even Huge Black Drum have been targeted while tailing in inches of water and should remain in this phase for another month or two. Talk about a rush! It is one thing to target Big Fish, but it is a whole other ball game when you target Big Fish is shallow water that you can actually see. Normally, when we target tailing fish we arm ourselves with a variety of different baits and artificials. I have had my best luck using live shrimp with a bare 1/0 or 2/0 circle hook. The circle hook is preferred because most of the fish we are targeting are Way Out of the 27” slot. As for artificials you can not beat a Berkley Gulp! Shrimp Texas rigged with a 1/0 worm hook. Johnson spoons and Rapala Skitterwalks also work well but remember when a fish has his face deep in the grass or the rock he/she is more or less foraging around for hidden shrimp and crabs. The key when fishing these tailing fish is to first take 2 Deep Breaths. The second step is keep an eye on which way the fish is facing. And finally place your bait 4-5 ft in front of the fish and watch its reaction. Normally it only takes a second from a hungry Redfish and your bait and line will be off to the races.

33 inch redfish

Dick Beard toped his previous Redfish by sight casting to this 33" PIG!

If you don’t believe me as Dick Beard who was fortunate enough to find out just how fun and exciting it can be to catch a Monster Redfish that you actually can see. Fishing in less than a foot of water and with our eyes glued to every flicker and disturbance in sight Dick and I all spotted this huge fish from a great distance away. After Dicks first cast was engulfed by a hiding 15” Rat Red, Big Daddy became a little excited. Dick’s second cast with a live shrimp didn’t last 10 seconds before Big Daddy lit up like a Christmas tree and immediately engulfed his jumbo shrimp. After a 10 minute battle through the mangroves and kelp grass we were finally able to put this 33” 13lb Redfish in the net. After a few great pictures this fish was released to bring more enjoyment and excitement to another lucky angler.

All in all the last 3 weeks have led to some of the most awesome fishing action I have seen all year. Huge schools of Black Drum, Huge Tailing Reds, and Monster Sharks on the prowl. Now is the time if you want a shot at fish of a life time. So if a long drag screaming run and an unforgettable fight is what you have been craving give Red Hot Fishing Charters a call today.

big black drum

What a Black Drum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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