Thursday, November 26, 2009

Jensen Beach Fishing Report 11-26-09

Fishing 11/20/09

How about that off shore action, remember last weeks wind ? That blow is what we needed to bring in the Dolphin and it has. Trolling ballyhoo in ninety to one hundred and twenty feet of water has been the zone. These fish have been in the twenty pound class with plenty in the ten pound class, look to the color lines and grass and you will be in the fish. Now while you are out there, trolling, put a bait deep. A big bally or a mullet on a planer with an Islander on it will find the Wahoo, bigger Dolphin or a smoker King to add to the box. Sails have become the picky eaters, lots of talk just not that many takers or maybe the Dolphin just get there first. The seas have been a little sporty at the inlets but when out there the waves are far apart, so come on down. Lots of Spanish Mac's from the inlet south to the King Fish Hole, glass minnow chum and Mylar jigs is the combo.
Surf has been all about Blue fish and Mac's on spoons and cut bait. Early is best with cooler water and the bite has been strong. Looking for the Whiting wait till the noon hour, let that edge warm and they will be there along with a few Croakers and slot Snook. Pompano for that long cast but most are small, give it a couple weeks.
Did I tell you about skipping Pompano in the flats? How about jigging them from the bridges ? Pompano have arrived, nice size fish, mid to late morning in the flats, bridges it is all about that high tide. Now if you are going to the bridge bring two rods because when the Blues and Macs come through biting every thing off you will have that other rod rigged and ready with a wire leader. TROUT SEASON IS CLOSED, so they are biting any thing you put in front of them and there is plenty of trophy size fish, camera time. Red fish has been good, with over cast mornings these fish have stayed in the skinny water well into late morning. From Bear Point to the Sail Fish flats lots of good reports of slot fish. Plenty of Drum, Sheephead, Jacks, Blues to keep you busy, Snook, dark hours at the bridges on Flair Hawks.
Do not forget the camera, you will need it and the great thing about a picture it lasts forever, filet on meal................................Henry

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