Monday, March 01, 2010

Fishing Deep Water Canals

3 fishing charters and one personal scout trip in the last week, all carbon copies of each other with mixed bags of Redfish, Sheapshead and Flounder. Water temperatures remained low, still in the mid to upper 50s. We did spend a bit of time chasing Redfish on the Flats near Ft. DeSoto. Over-slot fish are there, but very reluctant to chew. Targeting Redfish and Trout on the top of the tide near oyster bars and near the mangroves were the only ways to trigger a strike.

For more consistent/fun action, residential canals were still the ticket allowing Anglers aboard the Ms. Guided to stay warm and out of the winds. These canals with deeper and slower moving waters, adjacent to docks and seawalls, have dark muddy bottoms, oyster bars, and concrete structures that heat-up faster in the mornings and retain heat through the evening hours. This method of fishing continues to be extremely productive for Redfish, Sheapshead, Flounder, and Mangrove Snapper in colder waters.

Tackle of choice remains a 1/0 Circle Hook w/20lbs Yozuri Fluorocarbon Leader, and a Medium to Select sized Shrimp free-lined as bait. If you are targeting fish in moving water, consider substituting the 1/0 Circle Hook for a 1/4oz Mission Fishin Jig Head with a Shrimp hooked through the base of the tail – Pearl White has been the go-to color. To learn more about fishing or to book your next saltwater adventure with Captain Jay Schroeder of CJ Flats Saltwater Charters, call 1-877-463-5420 or visit

Capt Jay Schroeder
CJ Flats Saltwater Charters

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Fl Fishing Rocks said...

I sure hope you threw those little baby fishes back! Poor little baby fishes, they musta been awfully hungry to take a big fat 1/0 hook. circle hooks are great though aren't they? They don't make one smaller than the 1/0 do they?