Tuesday, March 09, 2010

March Looking Awesome For Trout

Mid 70's Again! Let's go Fishin'!


Alright! It is starting to feel like Florida again! I think those of you from the Great White North finally have cabin fever. You are arriving at a furious pace to our great state, and yes, you are going fishing with me and many of my colleagues. This was a tough season for everyone and I am so glad we are through it. The fishing was tough as well, that is, when we could get out there. Cold front after cold front kept us a the dock most days. The Snook kill a was a sad sight to see too. There were many that survived, so I am hopeful that they will rebound over the next couple of years to normal numbers. Well now that we are seeing days in the 70's, here is what we are doing and what I expect over the next few weeks...

kid with sea trout

The Trout bite is our mainstay in January and February. Since those months were cold and windy, March is looking like an awesome month for these beautiful fish. They are biting very well on moving water and even slack tides if you are patient. I am still throwing the live shrimp under a cork mostly, but can't resist a good jerkworm mixed in when the bite is on. The spoil islands are still holding large numbers on the drop off edges over the rocks. As the tide moves up so do the fish. The dolphin have been feasting on the schools around those islands, scattering the fish at times. If you wait them out, you can continue to catch fish once they settle down. We've caught 12 to 20 plus fish per trip in the 18 - 22 inch range. Be sure to ease in with the wind and turn off that outboard as you approach other anglers, already set up on these wary fish. Loud noises can spook them away from their comfort areas. Some of the shallow flats to the east are also holding schools of 100 plus fish. As the weather continues to warm, these fish will move out to the west and join many other Trout around the spoils and on the deeper flats.

Redfish have invaded the area. However, they have been very finicky. This past week, I sat on several groups of Reds, throwing cut baits, spoons and shrimp at them, with no strikes. My colleagues have had similar results with only a few caught through out the week. That should change as we approach the better moon phase and warming waters. The good news is, all of the Redfish I have found are around 24 - 28 inches or so! There are many undersized Reds along some of the spoils as well. Small shrimp, freelined on the bottom are getting a bite if you can wait for it.

Snook took a hard hit with the cold snaps we experienced. Many thousands died all the way to the Keys! I will probably take it easy on them 'til the very warm months arrive. They are a precious commodity in Florida and need to be cared for. I usually tend to leave them alone through the winter and early spring months since they are already fighting for survival in the usual cold temps.

We will see Kingfish and Spanish Mackerel around the corner in April. The Grouper should start to move in a little closer too with the warming trends. And of course, Tarpon season will begin in late April through July. I am booking Tarpon trips already, so don't wait too long. Let's get out there and catch some fish. Call now to book a special day on the water!

Capt. Brian

Capt. Brian Caudill


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