Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jensen Beach Fishing Report 3-6-10

FISHING 3/6/10

Cold and wind and cold, I have tired of this weather after the second day and this is the thirty first day. Some cool is good just not this cold or for this long.

Most of our fish like the warmer water that is the reason we live in Florida, so sleep in and wait for mid morning to come, big sun warms the water, then the fish will be on the on the sand bars, against the concrete walls and in the shallows. When that sun beats on these surfaces they will warm quickly and the fish will be on them keeping warm. Reds, Blues and Jacks with a mix of Spanish Macs are keeping most river anglers busy. The Reds have been thick north of North Bridge south to Walton Road. Favored baits have shrimp, soft rubber paddle tails and small gold spoons. Chances are those schools of mullet you saw were Reds, schools of six or eight, long cast to the front of the school and let the fish come to the bait. As one takes the bait pay attention to the way the school travels so you can get to them again. Stay off in the deeper water and look for the schools, they will be on the edge of the grass in the shallow warm water. Trout will be on top of the sand bars but moving very slow, slow presentation to get them to bite and it will be a soft touch not a strike. Just when you get that pattern in move the Blue Fish eating any thing you throw and scattering the targets, have a second rod rigged and ready. The Pompano have made a strong show just not for very long and not in the same place but every where. The area south of the Stuart Causeway at differing hours daily, the channel fro the House of Refuge south, the

Sail Fish Flats and just as many other locations again differing hours daily. Pompano fishing has been good you just need to keep at it till you find them, no special hour, anglers just keep looking they will skip then it is up to you and pay attention to the pattern and where they run.

Surf anglers, there have been days this week when it was one cast one fish, yes Blue Fish and lots of them. I heard from more than one angler that said “I just got tired of catching”. Some days the bite was all day, other days conditions just were to difficult to fish, big surf and strong winds were in favor of the fish. Pompano had their days, the Hobe Sound beach and south it may have been cool but the fishing was hot, the next day it was Bath Tub and north. These fish are on the move, no special time, no special direction one has to put in the time, clams and jigging spoons were the favored baits.

Off shore with the 3’ to 5’ or 4’ to 6’, the ocean has been less than polite. Anglers report looking fro warm water and not finding it till they were in 250’ of water, then trolling that temp line found a few fish but not as many as they thought were going to be there. Some Dolphin, a few Kings, free jumping Sails and plenty of Bonita’s. Now for the interesting part of last week the weed line in 50’, anglers that slowed noticed Rays and more Rays. Cobia in the twenty pound class with some to fifty all in 50’ from north of the inlet to south it was 50’. Plenty of Cobia on casted Jigs keep that pitch rod rigged and ready.

Till next week the only thing to say is “keep warm”……………………………………………………HENRY

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