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Key West Fishing Report 3-'10

The Key West Fishing Report

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March 6th 2K10

Lets Review

February was a month that frankly I could have done without. We did have some great fishing but the temps were just brutal with 55 degrees being a common occurrence. As I write this on March 6th it is 58 degrees with a North wind around 18. Here at Dream Catchers we were busy with probably one of our best February months ever in numbers of trips run. However the fishing stories were lacking.

The constant cold has not gone without its affects on our fishing here. Some good and some bad. Either way we are anticipating a warm recovery that will certainly add much value to the weeks to come.

About the fish kills that everyone keeps talking about. I cannot express to everyone how this is just not the case in Key West. We are actually catching many new species we have not seen this far south.

Flats Fishing In March

Traditionally March is a month for permit.. Big ones too. The March Merkin permit fly fishing tournament is held this month and offers the Best Of The Best, the Who's Who in fly fishing the shot of winning a prestigious tournament fishing for the hardest fish to catch using fly fishing gear. The winds make these larger smarter fish more approachable giving our anglers a great shot at a Key West Flats Fishing fishing Trophy.

Look for some very large Barracudas that will eat an artificial or fly. Look for these guys in the warm water trends of water coming on and off the flats as they sun themselves looking for an easy snack.

Bonefish are usual to be making an appearance in the month of March. I think this is something that could happen, however toward the later part of the month.

Tarpon Fishing Season. March is our target date for the beginning of the big fish coming in out of the Gulf to eat. Book your fishing guides soon for the migration. Here at Dream Catcher Charters we are offering all the tarpon trips that are possible in the coming months. Fish the Key West harbor, Channels, flats and backcountry for your shot. Morning, day and evening trips are available.

Backcountry Fishing

The Key West Backcountry is the place to be. The ides of March will indicate a steady wind fro the east, some days quit brisk. Dont wait around or cancel your days due to wind or you may never get off the dock. See my Wind Wars section below. Take your day when it comes as 15 - 25 kts out of the east is normal for March and very fish able for the exception of the fly fisherman.

Tarpon fishing in the channels of the Key West backcountry will be rock solid now. We have been hitting them pretty regular as the warmer days were here in between these bitter cold spells. Look for and pray for the easterly and south easterly wind shifts and know that it will be "Tarpon Time"

The short wrecks (the ones close by) will hold Huge and numerous permit most every day. This can be a magical time to fish the backcountry as there is always a chance that among the sharks and the wrecks you will have a shot at an angry cobia to have some fun.

Wrecks and Reef

Fishing in March is a pick your weather kind of month. Flexibility and durability is a must this time of the year to fish the offshore reefs and wrecks.. The fishing can be absolutely AWESOME with a great Snapper bite and the left over of the huge kingfish on the reef.

Sailfish will become more numerous as they march down the Easterly wind driven waves searching for some bait fish to harass. Dont miss out on a shot at these guys as they get warmed up for April.

Sizable Amber jacks will be around to entertain those wishing to get bent on the wrecks along with the smaller tuna. In the gulf the Kingfish will be out there to entertain as well.

The wrecks in the Gulf of Mexico will hold Many and large permit and cobia.

The Gulf will still have a closure on Grouper for the month of March with an opening the first of April.

Deep Sea Blue water

Sailfish, Wahoo, Tuna, Kingfish are all the rage in March for the Key West Deep sea guys. We troll the reefs and deep reef for these palagics coming through looking for a bite to eat. The winter days seemingly get easier for the offshore deep sea fleet. Not as far to run to find fish means more fishing time with lines out and trolling.

Our sport fishing fleet is loaded with some great captains. Guys who have lived here most of their lives and really get off on taking folks out to see what's gonad bite. We offer deep sea fishing trips on boats from 38 - 47 ft. all with experienced captains just different amenities and of course they vary in cost. Bigger boat more money.

We also run Key West deep sea fishing trips on our 32 ft center console the "Intense" here at Dream Catcher Charters for folks to "live the dream" stand up fishing from the Kite or trolling. Also using live bait. Whatever you want, however it is that you like to fish, we have a trip for you.

My Thoughts on the forecast..

March is by far the Do more be more month for fishing guides. The time for maintenance should be completed now its time to put the props to the water and make a living. March is shaping up to be very much like a March I remember back in the 90' Great tarpon fishing and offshore will be just great.

Fishing News

The passing of Capt. Mel Bereman was unexpected. A legend in his area up in West central Florida. I respected Mel greatly growing up and worked with him on ht internet here as colleagues. He did allot to put West Central Florida on the Map for fishing charters.

Here at Dream Catchers we have ordered another Yellowfin 24 Bay boat to add to the fleet.

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