Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jensen Beach Fishing Report 3 16-10

FISHING 3/13/10

Cold, rain and wind what is with this March weather? We get one good day and the rest you know the story. About the only thing for sure is Blue Fish in the surf and every else. These cool windy days have kept the water temperatures cool, but the sun has been shining. So finish breakfast and then come down, let the sun warm the shallow water and then you will know where the fish are, unless Blue fish is the target.

Surf anglers have had plenty of action, top water, spoons or cut baits have put plenty of Blues on the beach. Neither time nor tide controlled the bite time, it was all day. This species love the cool temps, travel in large schools and will eat any thing that moves. They do prefer some flash and they have a mouth full of teeth, careful. Lots of bites, lots of fun and yes they are good on the table. I would like to tell you about all the other fish but their bite time and location were short and not enough to target. Another week the pompano win, now if the surf would lie down, let some of the turbity leave and come up just a few degrees we would have a Pompano bite to report.

Strange weather, with the wind changing directions, overcast then sun shine and rain it has been hard on anglers but the fish are all ready wet, they just don’t mind. Excellent Red Fish reports from north to south, schools from large to small both in size and numbers. The west bank of the Indian River from Bear Point to south of the Stuart Causeway, they may look like large mullet but they are not. Traveling in the clouded water, rooting in the bottom stirring up the mud, yes those were Reds you were watching. Get ahead of the school, cast your bait out and wait till they come to you is the way. Take the fish from the outer edges and watch to see witch way they scatter, all slot fish. The Trout are coming out in the late morning waiting for the sun to warm the sand bars, look to the edges for these, slow presentation will get the bite. A few Pompano at the bridges but the wind and rain has kept most anglers in. Now if the temps to pick up and winds slow some of the turbid water will lie down and the Pompano will be there. It was a strange week we had two anglers limit out from the bridge, yes in all that rain. Been looking ever since, a few here and a few there but not enough to establish a pattern. This could be the week.

How about the Cobia, early in the week these fish were every where, then the rain, wind and 3’ to 5’ seas moved in and again hard on the anglers the fish are already wet. From 40’ out the Cobia and the Rays were keeping all busy, these were not big but perfect for the grill and there were plenty of them. Casting that Gulf Stream Cobia Slayer put a lot of fish to the boats. Chartreuse is the favorite, white a close second, yellow or pink for cloudy water. It is the middle of March is it not time for the weather change???????

Till next week keep your foul weather gear handy………………………………..Henry

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