Monday, April 19, 2010

Florida Suncoast Fishing Report 4-10

It is warming up out there and the fishing is on fire!!!

This last week, I still have found myself gravitating to docks; however on a couple of occasions the allure of Redfish up on the flats has proved too much to resist. These fish can be finicky to say the least. One of my favorite ways to get these fish to strike is with a 1/8 Mission Fishin Jighead and a live select shrimp. The secret is the manner in which you hook the shrimp. Take the first digit of the tail off (basically the fan) and run your hook up, through the tail and out the center of the body. This does not kill the shrimp. It will lay on its back when casted out and its little legs will keep moving. Think Redfish and how their mouths are structured... Another trick is casting off to the sides of the school. If you are fishing with more than one person, this is a great way to box them in and avoid spooking the whole school on the hook-up. It worked on this guy and many others. To learn more about fishing along the Suncoast or to schedule your next saltwater adventure visit

Tight lines!

Capt Jay Schroeder
CJ Flats Saltwater Charters

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