Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jensen Beach Fishing Report 4-29-10

FISHING 4/24/10

Starting to feel like summer, less wind and warm, I love this place. Starting to hear about Tarpon on the beach, Excellent Snook (season is still closed), Blues for the early angler, Trout in the summer location, yes it is almost here, summer.

This week it was all the Bonita from 40’ out and yes you needed extra bait, they are small but will eat anything that moves. The up side is that they make great bait, strips, chunk and whole depending on the species that you target. This week it was 100’ that was the action zone, Dolphin, Sails, Kings and a Wahoo or two. To go deep was to find small Black Fin Tuna and Bonita, beat bet was the 100’ mark weather you were trolling or live baiting that was the zone that most bent rods were located. Seas were polite one day and not so the next, polite early than of question later in the day, I wish I could be a weather man. Summer, May, Bonita, starting to sound like Marlin on the treasure coast, catching a few to the south, soon it will our turn.

On the beach for the early angler it is Blues, still waiting for the bigger fish but still plentiful, casting spoons or cut baits. Mid morning that summer sun will warm the edge and the Blues will back off with the cooler water and in come the Whiting, Pompano and Snook to name a few. Clams and shrimp pieces will keep their attention. As the surf warms the Snook bite will pick up, the season is closed, do not beach these fish it will wipe off their slim coat and that is their protection mush like your skin, please handle them with care we want them back. Plenty of Jacks and some of rather large size so do not wander away from your equipment they will teach it to swim.

It must be summer, what happened to our Red Fish, heard a lot about them but they are just not taking the baits. Small or Rat Reds as they are called have been on the west side of the Indian River from Mid way Road south and on the east side from North Bridge north and early is the only time I have heard of them on the chew. Before sun up be on location and it is the time for the bigger Trout so you were going to be there any ways. For the Trout it is top water be it a Zara Spook, Skitter walk or a Bomber Walkie Talkie work them slow, give the fish a chance to locate them. For the Reds, that Gold Spoon or a shrimp on a jig head again slow down let the fish have a chance, summer mode. Still plenty of big Lady Fish, Jacks and Blues to keep a rod bent. From the bridges still Pompano and a pretty good bite I might add, some Mac’s and plenty of Drum. Flounder in and out would be best to describe, it seems that every body is catching one here and there but still no area to go to, just happened to be there. Tarpon at the Ft. Pierce jetty, on the surf edge down by Shockers, two on in the St. Lucie south of the dime bridge, they are starting to show, I love summer.

Till next week, just because you see a bent rod, please give every body lots of room….a little courtesy goes a long way………..Henry

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