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Homosassa Fishing Report 3-30-10

Capt. Mike Locklear March 19, 2010 Homosassa - Saltwater Fishing Report

The last two week of March is unpredictable. The temperatrures are to reach 70 degrees over land. 60-65 might be the high on the gulf. The gulf water on Tuesday was 59 degrees at the mouth of the Homosassa River.

This time last year and the year before catching your limit of trout was easy. Everyone are having to "scrap" out enough for a nice mess to take home.

From what I have heard from the other guides, a live bait under a cork was the ticket as both soft and hard baits were not being eaten. I will try a 5-inch jerk bait and work it very slowly in depths of 2-4 feet of water with just a small 2/0 hook placed at the tip of the nose. Let is sit on the bottom and move it just a few inches at a time. These fish are still cold and not moving much.

This weekend could be the turnaround week. When a new moon does not move trout into shallow water, it means only one or two things. The bulk of the herd has not come ashore, therefore fish in deeper depths from 12-15 feet. Or the trout and redfish are up the rivers and creeks and have not dropped out yet.

April represents the first month of Spring where along the Nature Coast the weather becomes mild with many good fishing days. Tides are higher and the water should be where it is for that time of year. In the mid 70's is ideal for all sorts of action.

Try to fish the stronger incoming tide days for redfish near the full and new moon phases. These fish will appear near the points and shorelines where rocky structures called "limestone outcroppings".

If you are not familar with these waters it is safer to head out to 4-6 foot depths and using a Cotee Jig, fish near the Bird Rack or further out to the foul area. Look for spotty bottom. The best advise is to hire a guide, it is money well spent.

For Redfish, the mouths of the spring-fed rivers and creeks are good, but the outside coastline mangrove islands will hold the majority of redfish in later days of weeks.

For redfish, the universally accepted artificial bait is the ¼ oz. gold spoon. I prefer the Johnson name brand with the single hook. Live pinfish. cut mullet or lady fish will take a good number of fish when the water temps rise.

Trout schools should become abundant as soon as Spring Springs! The freezing temperatures did not have the negative impact as in places further south due to the spring fed rivers.

Both The Crystal River Bay and Homosassa grass flats west of Ozello in depths between 4-6 feet of water will hold schools of both keeper and throwback trout.

The Cajun Thunder or DOA cork rig in glow white or rootbeer is a sure bet producer. I prefer to use a single Cotee jig head in ¼ oz. or lighter without the cork. I like to feel the strike.

While you are drifting the flats, you may want to use lighter leader for trout like 15-pound test. But, if you get cut off then you may change to wire leaders to land the mackerel, bluefish and sharks that will attack your jigs if you increase the speed of your retrieval. Most trout will hit while the jig is falling where blues and macks like shiny lures and fast retrieves.

Don't forget your top water MirrOlures. They can be a blast!

Capt. Mike

Captain Mike Locklear

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