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Sebastian Inlet Fishing Report 4, 2010

Whiteys Fishing Report
April 2010

I do hope that winter is finally over, because my heating and firewood bill is astronomical. I am pretty sure that there is a lot of fish that will agree with me on that one. Expect everything to be late this year due to cooler water temperatures. The Cobia run, which can be really great during the month of March, was mediocre at best. A few fish were caught, but not in the numbers that should have been brought in. Scattered reports of free swimmers and a few following Rays are being reported around the docks. We are hearing good news from the south that they are seeing Cobia and Rays, so they should be on their way up. Some warmer days and some southeast winds should make a difference. The board for our Cobia for Cash tournament at Whitey’s is pretty pathetic at this time, so it is not too late to sign up. Get in the tournament as soon as possible as the Cobia aren’t even here yet.

Offshore should light up this month as fish prepare for their migration back north. Good numbers of Wahoo have already been caught throughout the winter by anglers trolling out deep. Expect this to remain strong as the fish move up from their winter hangouts in the Bahamas. Dolphin will also begin their run this month. Trolling or live baiting on temperature breaks or over the offshore bars should bring the fish to the table.

For the bottom fisherman out there it has been a long three months and we only have thirty more days till Grouper opens up. Until then we have to keep catching our Sea Bass, Triggers, Mangroves and the occasional Mutton. I know it is hard to keep releasing those “highly endangered” Red Snapper, but maybe they will let us start keeping those after the six-month closure.

Sebastian Inlet has been alive recently with good numbers of Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish. Got-Cha plugs and small spoons have been accounting for most of the fish on the outgoing tides. Sheepshead are still pretty active around the Inlet on the drop-offs and deeper channels. Cut shrimp, clams and sandfleas have been working well for the prized game fish. Expect the numbers of these fish and more to continue to rise as water temperatures rise.

The surf was pretty slow last month except for the occasional Whiting and Pompano. A few reports of big Pompano coming up from the south are trickling in, and they should be hitting our beaches soon. Hopefully the Sandfleas will come back from wherever they have been for the last few months and make an appearance on our beaches. Bluefish are plentiful for people throwing spoons or using cut mullet on bottom. April can be a great month for some of the biggest blues of the season. Large top water plugs can produce some explosive strikes when the Blues are on a feeding frenzy and can be a blast.

The Indian River will should be teeming with life this month. All the fish are fattening up after the long cold winter and are preparing for their spring spawn. The shallow water flats will be flooded with every fish in the river. Pinfish, Pigfish, mullet and shrimp will invade the potholes and the game fish will surely follow. Live baits fished under a cork will bring a lot of action as well as soft plastics and top water plugs. This month can be the best month for the river, and from what I have seen the Snook are thick along the mangroves already. This can provide some excellent sight fishing opportunities.

As usual check out our website at for the latest reports and pictures from the region or call the shop at (321) 724-1440. Hope the winds lay down for everybody this month and temperatures stay warm. Until next time, tight lines!

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