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Charlotte Harbor Fishing Report 1-2010

2010 Winter Report
It was a great 2009 on the water, and we hope that 2010 will be even better. Despite the most recent fish kill due to the cold temperatures, there are still some fish around roaming the harbor. Even with the colder days, there have been a few days in between with temps. pushing 79 degrees. Redfish and trout can still be caught as well as some inshore gag grouper. The bait situation is fickle, but this is a great tme of year to throw some artificial lures. Some smaller snook have shown themselves and made it through the cold snap.

2 women with big redfish

snook on lure

If anything, it is a good time of year to get out on the boat and scout around. Take advantage of the extreme low tides to learn the bottom of the flats. Places to possibly fish in the summer, or areas that may be deeper if you need to get on plane or have a channel to run through. This time of year exposes these types of things and can be very beneficial.

bronze redfish

On the freshwater side of things, CHO guides Capt. Tim White and Captain Jason Dill teamed up to fish the PRBS, also known as the Peace River Bass Series. Seventeen teams qualified for the championship that will be held in late February. Capt. Jason and Capt. Tim secured a 4th place finish in the first tournament back in November of 2009 bringing in a limit of five bass from the upper Peace River. They fished the rest of the series up to this point and had a strong enough showing to give Team of the Year a run for the series but ended up in 3rd overall.

bass in a basket

third place team

Capt. Jason and Capt. Tim would like to think their sponsor for this series, Millennium Physician Group.

For those of you that love bass fishing with a passion as both of these CHO guides do, check out the PRBS.

That is it for now. More updates and reports should be coming in soon. Get out on the water and wet a line, despite the fish kill, there are fish to be caught. Practice catch and release. The CHO guides would like to thank you for visiting.

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