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Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report 1-2010

Central Florida Fishing Report posted December 31, 2009

This is the final Mosquito Lagoon fishing report for 2009. Despite
some challenging weather during the month of December, the
redfish, trout, and black drum were all willing to eat. With most of the
mullet having gone south for the winter, shrimp and crabs become
the main forage on the flats. When I leave the house this time of
year, I will have one rod with a DOA shrimp, one with a DOA crab,
and a flyrod with a shrimp or crab pattern tied on.

I made several trips to Mosquito Lagoon this month with fellow guide
Capt. Drew. He used the DOA shrimp while I switched between that
and a small black crab fly to land both redfish, trout, and drum. We
encountered plenty of tailing redfish during our trips.

The weather has been warm one day and cold the next. Rapid
drops in water temperature can send the fish off the flats sometimes
but they will soon return. Cold water can sometimes make them a bit
lethargic. As the sun begins to warm the flats, the activity usually

This week, I was joined by Phil and his 9 year old son Alex. The
morning began cold and breezy but the winds soon subsided and
the rest of the day was gorgeous. Phil let his son have all the action
and young Alex reeled in several redfish, a black drum, and some

Yesterday was my last trip of the year. The Williams family joined
me on Mosquito Lagoon. Again, we had a cool start but the skies
were clear and the air soon warmed up. The day started off slow but
we saw an increasing number of redfish and large trout as the sun
got higher. Father and son had shots at both but Mom was the only
one to hook up with two redfish.

With some cold weather predicted to arrive for next week, look for
the best flats fishing to be during the late morning and afternoon. As
the sun warms the water, the redfish should be tailing in the
shallowest water they can find.

Happy New Year to all and some good fishing for 2010.

Capt. Chris Myers
Central Florida Sight Fishing Charters

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