Thursday, January 21, 2010

Everglades Fishing Report 1-21-10

January 20, 2010
the freeze
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There are enough horror stories on the net already so I’ll gratefully forgo the gory descriptions; suffice it to say it’s pretty bad. It probably will have a significant impact on the snook and snook fishing. The redfish are fine, spotted trout are OK too as are some other, more cold tolerant species like sheephead. Some resident tarpon succumbed but, given the severity of the crisis, I guess we can be thankful the reports of tarpon kills are something less than that of snook. There’s potentially significant mortality of juvenile class fish, particularly snook and maybe tarpon in the backcountry as well as a major hit to breeding class snook in general. The State has mandated a closed season, (catch and release only,) on snook until September subject to possible renewal at that time.

Captain Ned Small
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