Thursday, January 21, 2010

Islamorada Fishing Report 1-20-10

Here at Holiday Isle in Islamorada, the weather is finally as it should be,,,,warm and sunny,,,the last few days have been fishtastic for the folks here. On the 18th we had Capt. Easy came in with four king mackeral and one sailfish but it got away...bummer...the family from Cape Cod were still very excited..then the Dee Cee came in with 6 dolphin, 1 king mackerel, and 1 sailfish caught by a young fellow named Danny Stubs on his 13th birthday,,,Danny, our wonderful photo of you was ruined,,,and we couldn't post it...still we are so proud of you tackling that sailfish by your self....continuing on JR and a wonderful couple Matt and Eddie from Maine caught a bunch of fish and said their trip was fantastic,,,on the Yabba Dabba we had 3 for 6 sailfish ,,,they saw 10 out there ...and last for the day of the 18th we have Sassy Lady going shark hunting with a pack of handsome Polanders,,,well moving on to the 19th we have our photos above with our clients from Capt. Easy bringing in the motherload of 2 sailfish, 1 dolphin, 9 king mackerel, 1 jack, and 2 sailfish,,,those guys rock,,,,and of course the Vagabond bringing in a couple of king mackerel and 1 sailfish, the group hailed from Conn,. said fishing beat freezing up north,,,we had other boats go out but they came back late and I didn't get the report,,,Gotcha, Priority and Killer White,,I see sailfish flags flying on their vessels...If you would like to experience The Experience call us here at Holiday Isle offshore booking office at 305-433-9942 and ask for Nikki or Nicci. as always, tight lines.....
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010
A Warm & Beautiful Day at Holiday Isle Offshore Extreme Marina.
What a great day for fishing the fabulous Florida Keys!
Captain Mel Walker and First Mate Mike Walters nailed the kings for two couples from upstate. Captain Chuck Schimmelmen of the Dee Cee Loaded up with Kingfish. Gold Reserve had a sail today.
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