Monday, January 04, 2010

Homosassa Fishing Report 1-2010

New Year Brings the Blues(fish) Capt. Mike Locklear January 1, 2010 Homosassa - Saltwater Fishing Report

Happy New Year Everyone! May you catch one so big that even you will not have to lie! Just added a few new pictures since yesterday.

We reeled in more bluefish than we could count, at least by Walt's account he landed one more than I did! The top water action was incredible!

If you are too busy to go fishing well you are just too busy!

December 31:

As I reflect back to the last year to the many ones who could afford to hire a guide, a big thanks to you. To the ones who can not afford a charter thank you also for your past patronage.

On the Eve of New Year's in my case, will be a quiet time at home. I will try to make it awake to 2010. What about you? What did you do? How many will be out there camping, hunting or fishing? These are the people I like to hang with whether I know them or not. I have never met a stranger.

I can say that I enjoyed what I liked best on December 31, 2009 I went fishing with a neighbor and landed a nice 20-inch trout. Also, the bluefish action was hot and heavy. The rods were bending every cast and on top water MirrOlures.

My neighbor caught two bluefish on one lure! Whoa! How about that!!!??? We were using top water lures, when the double happened. You can rest assured that action in the gulf this winter will be hot no matter how cold it gets. I have a secret weapon and it is called the "Double Trouble" lure.

I am wishing you all the best New Year ever. We may have to live with less, downsize and put up with high gas prices at the pump, but we are not starving….yet. I am willing to work any job that is decent pay other than charters if any of you need extra help.

You can contact me on Facebook as that is where I spend more time than anywhere on the computer. If you have a job, consider yourself lucky! Blessings!

You're Skipper,

Capt. Mike Locklear

Captain Mike Locklear

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