Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jensen Beach Fishing Report 1-20-10

FISHING 1/17/10

Finally the weather is getting back to normal, I was almost pleased to here the air unit come on. The cold took its toll on our fish and the Marine commission is being proactive in closing our Snook Season, good for the Snook. Most anglers are still shaking their heads on the impact of the cold on our fish. Why did some make it and some not, only mother nature can answer that but thank you to the marine commission for acting quickly on this and have to study, what I do not know.
Water is cold and one thing for sure the Blue Fish are here, twenty five fish in twenty six casts. The surf is crazy with Blues, cool thing is what ever time you get to the edge they are waiting. If it flashes and dashes they are on it, Spoons, chrome top water and chuggers top the list and then the cut mullet for the angler that likes baits. These fish are just a pitch not a cast from the edge, wire leaders and long shank hooks will find all the action you can take. Blue fish have a minimum length of 12" and the bag is ten, watch your limit it easy to get caught up in the action. When you have what you want take the barbs off the hooks, for and easy and quick release with no damage to the fish. Change your hooks over to a single barb hook, the fishing is so good if you miss one before you can pick up your bait another fish will have it. Pompano, well who would hang around a school of Blue fish, as the water cools and the Blues move off I am more than sure they will show, water has to warm a few more degrees.
In the river, you guessed it Blue Fish, you can see them coming just follow the birds. Trout season is open as long as the water is cool you will need to fish deep and slow, put your shrimp on a jig or on a float and keep in mind they will pick up the bait not strike it, if the rod tip move set the hook. Those pockets of mullet that you see are really Red Fish, they do not mind the cooler water, let them come to you and cast to the fish that is on the outer edge, that will keep them scattering. Have heard a lot about Snook on the sand bars after sun up warming their souls, not eating. Plenty of Sheephead from the bridges (12" min. 15 is the bag) with a mix of Black Drum to keep busy with and the Pompano still waiting. Last year at this time we were in the fish and the Pumps are there just not the numbers but with water temps being crazy as they are once they stabilize a little the fish will not disappoint us, I hope. there has been catch reported across the Sail Fish flats, Hells Gate, north of North Bridge in Ft. Pierce so we know the fish are here just when are they getting to the bridges?
Off shore it has been 80 to 150 feet of depth trolling Ballyhoo, on the catch list has been Sails, Dolphin and Kings in good numbers. Weather you are fishing off the Black Condos or the Loran Tower seas have been sporty and the fishing has been hot. Captain Pat Price from Day Maker Charters has reported these catches daily and if you trolled a bait deep you may have brought home a Cobia, three for four boats did. These boats were looking for smoker Kings and all they
found were Cobia, we all feel bad for them.
Till next week enough cold weather, I am ready for the heat...........................................................................Henry

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