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Charlotte Harbor Fishing Report 5-2010

2010 Summer Fishing Report and Tournament Updates

It was a very long winter on Charlotte Harbor and the surrounding areas. Most anglers couldn't wait for the warmer weather. And now it is upon us. The warm weather has brought "life" to the harbor, starting off the report with the famous silver king, or tarpon.

Tarpon schools are all over the harbor and are eating very well. The aerial jumps are just a small part of why anglers choose to target this species more than others.

The tarpon are following pods of bait in the open harbor, look for ripples on top of the waters surface like you see in the picture below...

Most of the bait are larger threadfin herring, but white bait schools are plenty as well. The baits can be freelined or put under a float. Remember to be respectful of other boats fishing tarpon pods and always be as quiet as possible. (push pole or trolling motor)

The Professional Tarpon Tournament Series kicked off on May 23rd. CHO guide Capt. Chuck Jenks finished 2nd in the first event with a 179 pound tarpon and his all lady angler team. (not fishing the women's series, fishing the regular series) Congrats Chuck and Team Les Femmes Fatale! Here are a few pictures of Capt. Chuck's team fighting the fish.

CHO guide Capt. Tim White's team (Reactor Watches) was able to secure 50 points for a released tarpon, and an extra 25 points for getting a DNA sample. Teams accumulate points over the series in hopes of making the championship. Keep checking back for updates as the series continues.

In redfish news, CHO guide Capt. Jason Dill guided his junior angler Matt Bunting to a 1st place finish in the Junior Flatsmasters tournament. Matt weighed in a redfish weighing 7.55 pounds in the prep division.

Friend and fellow angler Jason Reynoso guided his son Jordan to a 3rd place finish in the minnow division with a 7.17 pound redfish.

Congrats guys! In other redfish news, CHO guide Capt. Tim White and fellow guide and friend Capt. Larry Ross placed 19th in the CHS Redfish Roundup. It was tough fishing and they could only manage to weigh in one redfish weighing 5.34 pounds. Sight fished on a soft plastic lure in inches of water....

Redfish and snook are definitely chewing. Whether it be live bait or artificial, they are eating. Most areas on the east and west sides of the harbor have redfish right now. Higher tide stages are moving the fish to the bush line, low tides have them out in the open in pot holes. A new Exude bait on the market called the Cigar Minnow has proved to be working very well.

The weather is only getting warmer, so make sure to get out on the water and have some fun. Bring plenty of ice and water, sunscreen, and a hat. Revive fish quickly to be caught again another day.

The silver king has arrived in Boca Grande Pass, the harbor, and on the beaches, so get ready. Tight Lines from the CHO guides!

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