Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jensen Beach Fishing Report 5-13-2010

FISHING 5/8/10

Summer in Florida, cooler mornings, bright sun, a little wind in the later afternoon and clam evenings, I love this place. Yes, the shrimp do get smaller in the summer. Yes we have shrimp, not sure about tomorrow. Every summer the shrimp go some where, not sure where but they are gone so it is a guarantee that as July gets closer the shrimp will disappear.

Enough about shrimp lets talk Cobia form four feet out to twenty feet, how about a twenty pound class fish on a

Whiting rig and a piece of shrimp, now you know why all those boats were on the surfs edge. The minimum length is 33” to the fork of the tail, one per angler or 6 per vessel, not big but twenty five pound class is a nice fish. Limits were caught all day both north and south of the inlet, in that very shallow water it was big top water lures, something that splashed or rattled, going deeper it was sardines. Schools of big Blue fish chasing schools of Pompano not to mention the big Jacks and African Pompano; it was a shallow week end. Bait was hard to come by with all the fish up close, trolled bally found a few Dolphin in the 150’ zone, Kings in the 60’ zone and plenty of Bonita every where in between. I believe a lot more fish would have been caught but after listening to the radio and seeing that line of boats on the beach why go out there when they are at the door.

Surf anglers had a busy week, early morning anglers still some Blue Fish action on spoons, excellent for Jacks and Snook and that one bite that took the bait and kept on going. For the rest of the day it was Whiting, Croakers and more of that one that took the bait and kept on going. Repots of Tarpon rolling, lots of sightings but no takers and that is because all any body wanted was those pesky Cobia.

River anglers it was Snook, Trout and Reds kept most busy, it was a mid morning bite. There were a few caught early on top water, Midway Road, Little Mud Creek on south to Joes Point but about nine when the sun was high they just turned on, I guess they did not read last weeks column. Snook is closed so quick release is mandatory and then you can drift up on the channel markers looking for the Triple Tails. Catch 22, Capt. Bob is at it again, the man knows how and when to catch them, brought two in this week. It is summer do not spend all day in one area, if it is slow move to the next area, when the bite slows again move. Look to fish the shaded water or the deeper water, change sides of the river, get opposite the sun and pay attention to the action is there a pattern? Tarpon, do not bring a knife to the gun fight, have one big rod rigged and ready, it summer and one never knows for sure.

Where is the camera, that one that took the bait just might turn around………………………………………………………..Henry

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