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Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report 5-21-10

Mosquito Creek Outdoor's Indian River Indian River Lagoon Coast Fishing Report,
May 21, 2010
By Captain Tom Van Horn

This Week's Report
Again, gorgeous weather has set the stage for some outstanding fishing this past week, and although the seas will pick up some this weekend, it's a great time to hit the water and enjoy Florida for all its riches.

In the lagoons, the larger redfish have begun to form up into the summer breeder schools. In their traditional locations, groups of 15 to 20 breeder fish are developing some consistency if you know where to look. These breeders have been around the block a time or two, and catching them on lures or fly is a challenge, so in most cases bait is your best option. Also, silver and black mullet have returned to the lagoon, and the top-water sea trout bite has been productive early in the morning, as the larger fish are transitioning into their summer finfish feeding patterns. This is some of my favorite fishing, working top water plugs in the darker hours of the morning.

Besides the lagoon, the near-shore water off of the beach produced some great action this past week. The bait schools have been thick with pogies (Atlantic menhaden) concentrated along the beach out of Port Canaveral between the pier and the steeples. Out deeper (30 to 50 feet) large schools of greenies (threadfin herring) are being driven to the top by kingfish and outer predators. There was no problem catching bait last week, and the pods should hold together through the weekend. Both the cobia and kingfish have been plentiful, and once located, limits are easily obtainable.

Keith's Monster CobiaKeith's Monster Cobia

The highlight of this past week was a double hook-up on 40 plus pound cobia. Flat conditions made for great sight fishing, and once the water warmed up, both manta rays with cobia and free swimming cobia just started popping up in 50 t0 60 feet of water. With the two big fish, my good friends Matt and Keith were on deck as we quietly approached a sunning manta ray. Once within casting range, Matt was first to through a pitch bait (a live pogie) and 4 to 5 large cobia dispatched the ray for a quick snack. Once Matt was hooked up, Keith through his bait into the mix, and a light tackle battle persuade. Matt had his fish on heaver tackle and as I attempted to land it first, it came unbuttoned which although sad, proved to be to our advantage, because Keith's cobia ended up maxing out my fish bag. We also spotted scattered tarpon, so if the weather holds; we should see some great fishing this weekend.

Last but not least, the schooling bass and catfish are still kicking it during the early morning and late evening hours along the St. Johns River. So, if you don't feel up to messing with the masses in the saltwater arena, the river is a great option this weekend.

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Good luck and good fishing,

Captain Tom Van Horn
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