Monday, May 31, 2010

Suncoast Fishing Report 5-31-10

Tampa Bay Fishing Report Courtesy of CJ Flats Saltwater Charters 31 May 2010‏

Snook are on the flats and transitioning to the beaches in preparation for the spawn. White bait has been the key in effectively targeting Snook in Tampa Bay. You can use artificial lures like top-water plugs first thing in the morning, but nothing beats a free-lined white bait on a 1/0 circle hook. Focus on choke points during the moving tide and along the mangroves on the high side of the tide. It may take a few chummers to coerce the Snook from out of the mangrove roots, so take time in finding bait and loading up the live well. Just remember Snook are catch and release only until further notice and to handle these fish genteelly as it was a rough winter and we as anglers do not need to make things any worse.

While targeting Snook along docks and pilings, we have been running into a mix of Trout, Redfish, and Mangrove Snapper. These fish will strike the white bait intended for Snook and will also hit a select-sized trip on a 1/4 ounce jig head. Combining shrimp and white bait presentation methods and locations provided several anglers Inshore Slams over the past few weeks. And although the Snook is off limits, for those who wanted to bring home a little dinner, the Mangrove Snapper have been well sized and provide wonderful table fare…

If you knock out the Inshore Slam and want to pursue the illusive Grand Slam, Tarpon are here and now is definitely the time to do it. The Full Moon and New Moon provide some huge tide movements in the summer. The early morning incoming tide provided the best opportunity for jumping a Silver King along the beaches and the big outgoing tides in the afternoons never disappoint along the deep holes, channels, and bridges.

It is not too late to get in on the action - right now we still have a couple Tarpon openings left in Boca Grande. For more information or to book your next saltwater adventure along the Suncoast, contact Captain Jay Schroeder at 1-877-463-4520 or email

Capt Jay Schroeder
CJ Flats Saltwater Charters

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