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Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report 3-14-2010

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Report, May 13, 2010
By Captain Tom Van Horn This Week's Report
Although it was windy again this past week, I still managed to squeeze in several outstanding adventures on the water. On my first trip I was excited about fishing with three young anglers and their Papa. I always enjoy fishing with kids as it usually equates to an easy day on the water, which proved to be the case as I was joined by Sam Bradshaw (Papa) and his three grandchildren, Brooke, Jamie and Reese. Our main objective was to catch fish, but manatee and dolphin viewing, island exploration, splashing around in the shallow water and boat steering were all on the agenda. We had a great time accomplishing each task, and still managed to catch an assortment of fish in the process.

three children with fish

Reese, Brooke, and Jamie with a yellow jack.Kids fishing

My next adventure carried me to the St. John River where I was joined by Joe Rogowski, athletic trainer for the Orlando Magic for an early morning catfish and bass trip before training. Joe and I have been discussing a catfish trip for several weeks, but the rigors playoff schedule of the Magic had been consuming his time. That was the case until the Magic spanked the Atlanta Hawks in four games, giving us a chance to squeeze in a short trip.


Joe's Early Morning Catfish, Go Magic!Joe Rogowski's early Morning Catfish

We met at the ramp at 6 a.m. and had a big catfish in the boat by first light. Schooling bass had pushed baitfish up to the surface, and the action was fast and furious for the next two hours with bass feeding on top and catfish working the baitfish from underneath.

Although the trip was short, it was great fun and I had Joe on the road to practice by 9 a.m.

man with two largemouth bass

Joe's St.Johns River BassJoe's St Johns River Bass.jpg

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Good luck and good fishing,

Captain Tom Van Horn
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