Monday, June 28, 2010

Apalachicola Fishing Report 6-28-10

July 4th Week‏

big trout

THIS is what we've been catching all month!

Captains fishing the Bay have repeatedly reported to me that the speckled trout their anglers are catching regularly weigh in the 3 to 5 pound range. When you hook one of these big guys, they open their mouth wide & are some kind of work to reel in to the boat. They are also some kind of good eating! Capt. Jr. & Tommy Holland & Kelly Butler are hoping to be able to fish every day!

Tarpon fishing from flats boats has been above average so far this year and doesn't seem to be slowing down. Currently we do not have boats available that can carry more than 2 anglers for tarpon fishing, however we DO have trips available for the next several weeks or so. Call or email for availability.

If you're thinking about an offshore trip before snapper season closes, Capt. Charlie still has some open dates but he owns just about the last offshore boat available locally who hasn't gone to work for BP.

And here's some slightly belated updates from the area for you.

6/24/10 APALACHICOLA— Current conditions in Franklin County are favorable. As yet there have been no adverse effects from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill confirmed in Franklin County. Currently Coast Guard and State of Florida vessels and aircraft are actively monitoring Franklin County and the entire Panhandle. In addition at least 57 boats and crew involved in the Vessels of Opportunity program are also monitoring our waters. As yet, no confirmations of oil from Deepwater Horizon have occurred in Franklin County.

In recent days it has been circulated that the passes between Dog, St. George, and St. Vincent Islands, including Bob Sikes Cut, are scheduled to be closed. For the record, plans are being made to keep any oil spill contaminants out of our bays, which might require the temporary closing these points by order of the Coast Guard's Captain of the Port, there is no plan to do so unless oil contamination becomes imminent. At present conditions for the next few days are forecast to be favorable for our area, and no closures are foreseen at this time.

MEDIA ADVISORY #17: JUNE 16, 2010 APALACHICOLA—From Agriculture Commissioner's office at 3:00 PM EDST, the following message was received at the Franklin County EOC office. "Apalachicola Bay has not been shut down nor are there any immediate plans to do such. There has not been any shut down of any shellfish harvesting in this area." (note: Scallop Season opened on June 19th!!! so if you were waiting for next weekends normal July 1st opening, you're late!)

Our prayers & thoughts are with everyone affected by the BP Oil Spill.

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