Friday, June 04, 2010

Jensen Beach Fishing Report 5-31-10

FISHING 5/30/10

Well how a bout a Dolphin, from 80’ out to 400’ it was Dolphin. These fish were hungry, strip baits, live, trolled, pitched, you name it the fish were hungry. Bigger Dolphin were deep, from 300’ out but then drive by fish to catch fish, no I didn’t think so. Lots of peanuts but lots of fish from 12lbs on up, a few Cobia, some Kings made the catch list but everybody was looking for Dolphin and every body took home Dolphin. Cobia were in 20 to 40’ they moved in close after being beat on for two weeks at the Sand Pile, Kings in 60’ eating top baits, just when you think you have figured it all out they change just to keep you interested. These Kings were ten to fifteen pounds, perfect to steak and put on the grill. North end of the Loran Tower Reef was the location for an excellent Snapper bite and yes the Kings were there also.

The surf was all weeds one day and the next clear and that depended on your location, so go north or south to the next access and take a look before you bring out the equipment. Blue fish early with a mix of Snook, Jacks, then as the sun get higher the Blues back out and in move the Whiting.

Snook and Jacks will be there all day, they like the Whiting. Tarpon is the one that holds my interest, plenty of sightings but I have not heard of a hook up nor have I heard of any one with Tarpon for a target. A new week and it is June, so let’s catch a Tarpon.

Excellent Trout bite on top water early in the shallowest of water, work you bait slowly across the surface and be ready. After sun up then move to three feet using a soft rubber bait of choice but still use the slower retrieve. Live shrimp and small pins are candy to these guys so what ever you prefer but when the line stops set the hook. Reds again early, you have to be on location before sun up. Run up the middle of the river and watch for activity, the direction it is moving, get ahead of this and let the fish come to you. After sun up the fish will go to shaded or deeper water, look around those docks on the west side of the Indian River from Midway road south, you will find them. Top water early then to a bait that works below the surface, Trout and Reds are waiting and Snook is still closed. Tarpon at the Power Plant, well at least I can go see them.

Till next week, it is summer and I love this place……………………………Henry

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