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Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report 6-7-10

Mosquito Creek Outdoor's Indian River Indian River Lagoon Coast Fishing Report, June 4, 2010
By Captain Tom Van Horn

This Week's Report
Although the weather has been absolutely gorgeous in the mornings this week, a squally summer weather pattern has settled in along the Lagoon Coast of Florida. This doesn't imply that the fishing isn't good; it just means you need to get started early and keep a close eye on developing weather systems, especially if you're fishing offshore. Several anglers I know got caught up is the sever storm that blew in from the south on Thursday, and although they were less than a mile off of the beach, they couldn't even see the shore, so please be careful this weekend.

Even though the rainfall this week has been significant, lagoon water levels are still on the low side, and surprisingly the water is still clean for the most areas on the flats. The mullet and glass minnows have returned to the lagoon and targeting these baits schools between first light and mid morning has been the most productive timeframe for catching redfish and sea trout. The best bite for me this week was on a Storm Chug Bug, but short strikes were common and the floating widgeon grass is starting becoming a problem. We also had good results a Gulp flukes rigged weedless and DOA Shrimp fished under and around mullet schools. Also, the schools of glass minnows (bay anchovies) have materialized in the deeper waters of the lagoon, and the ladyfish, jack crevalle and gaff top catfish have been working them over. To locate these schools of glass minnows, simple look for small terns and seagulls dipping and diving out in the open water.

Along the beach out of Port Canaveral, the bait schools (pogies) have been plentiful between the south jetty and the pier, and the kingfish, large jacks, sharks and some small cobia have been abundant between 30 and 50 feet of water. There have also been a good number of tarpon showing up throughout our area, so keep a keen eye out for rolling tarpon working bait pods along the beach.

Offshore, the dolphin bite has been very good, but most of the fish have been running on the smaller side, so that's an option as well.

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Good luck and good fishing,

Captain Tom Van Horn
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