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Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report 6-12-10

Mosquito Creek Outdoor's Indian River Indian River Lagoon Coast Fishing Report, June 11, 2010 By Captain Tom Van Horn
This Week's Report

Although the weather was gorgeous this week, the bite was a bit slow both inshore and near-shore along the beach. It may have had something to do with the new moon phase, but early in the week we experienced a few tough days, but the catches have been improving. Ocean conditions and the weather booth look very good for the weekend with a sea state of less than 2 feet being predicted.

Most of my fishing this time of year is near-shore along the beach. The seas are flat for the most part, the water is warm and clean, baitfish are easy to catch and the ocean predators move in close to shore shadowing bait schools. Currently, the pogies (Atlantic menhaden) have been inside the Port in the deeper channel and along the beach south of the Cocoa Beach Pier. Kingfish, tarpon and big jacks have been in close along the beach south of Patrick, but they have been concentrated, so you have to keep moving until you find them. With the seas flat and glassy, locating schools of big jacks and tarpon rolling will be easer. Also, the cobia are still around with the best concentrations being south of Ponce Inlet in 50 to 60 feet of water and there are still some big rays around.

Offshore, good reports of dolphin have been coming in, but the fish are still running on the small size. I've also heard that the dolphin bite was very good in the Keys this past week, so we still have something to look forward to as these fish migrate north through our waters.

Now for the best part of my report: If you like to kayak fish, now is the best time of year to target in the inshore lagoons. The water this week will be glassy in the mornings, so both bait schools and pushing and tailing redfish will be much easer to spot from a long distance away. Also, these ideal conditions will allow you to stay on and track the redfish once you find them. I prefer being on the water before sunrise not only for the cooler temperatures but also the magnificent sunrises. Last but not least, the sea trout top-water bite is very good during the early morning hours, in the late evening and at night around dock lights in the New Smyrna and Oak Hill areas, so if you are daring enough to venture out into the darkness, be sure to give that a shot.

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